Pope Pachamama’s Priorities

Every time a high-ranking prelate is caught being a pervert, I can’t avoid thinking: 1) how many are they? And 2) Who protects them, who put them there?

This does not seem a strange reaction to me: in fact, it should sound very natural to everybody whose mind has not been perverted by the strange notion that, suddenly, sexual perversion would be ok.

You would think that I am not the only one thinking this. You would think that every right-thinking bishop or cardinal would have the same worry. You would think that a Pope would be most alarmed!

Well, it seems that sodomy does not rank anywhere near the top of the worries of our Heretic in Chief. Faggot priests certainly do not seem to faze him. He endorses Father Martina like Pope Pius XII endorsed Padre Pio. He lives under the roof of a notorious homo, whom he has even promoted to a higher position of power at some point. I wonder why.

Really, I wonder why. Don’t you, dear reader?

No. The problem of this Pope is not the widespread homosexuality within the Church. It’s the Latin Mass, and those pesky Catholics who keep resisting the call to conversion to socialism, global warming, and Pachamama.

Boy, what a disgusting, rotten individual Francis is. Not one bit better than a faggot Monsignor wandering around in “gay” saunas with an app allowing him to hook up with some other pervert like him.

I have more than an impression that, when this lewd old man dies, he will still be surrounded by homo priests; and by a great deal of “warm”, too.

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  1. This has been going on for a very long time. During the unfortunately long reign of JPII, Catholic “conservatives” looked the other way when he promoted men like McCarrick despite having been warned multiple times by multiple sources about McCarrick’s perversions. The heart-breaking story of James Grein, a McCarrick victim, who met JPII in person and told him about the sexual abuse, makes me sick.

    And yet, so many “trad” priests and writers keep telling us that JPII is their hero and that he, unlike evil Francis, promotes tradition. JPII never promoted tradition. He kissed the Koran, and composed a prayer asking John the Baptist to bless Islam. That’s just a tiny bit of the damage JPII has done.

    To this day, “trads” give excuses for JPII – “he didn’t know about the homo priests and the sex abuse, he was misled, he came from a communist country where the government told lies about priests so he did not believe these allegations, etc.”

    Where did that get them? How did that stop the Lavender Mafia?

    How can these hypocrites now complain about “liberals” who make excuses for Francis? They’ve been doing it for decades with their favorite JPII.

    • I never hear those people called trads. Conservative, at most. Trad is the real article.

    • I wouldn’t call those people ‘trads’. I’ve been a ‘member’ of that group most of my life, and I haven’t heard praise of JPII among my confreres. Maybe you’re referring to the diocesan conservatives who will attend a Latin Mass if it is offered, but would never darken the door of a SSPX chapel.

    • To me a Trad is one who wants the return of the traditions. They come in different flavours.

  2. mortimer zilch

    I agree with your strong opinions expressed in the above post. Can you answer a concern of mine please? As I also hold and express online an opinion more or less identical to yours about the present Pope – even going so far as to uncover a homosexual partner he may have had in Argentina (without success) – and declaring his election in 2013 to be invalid – I have a concern that expressing my opinions in public may violate a Canon Law and thus render myself de facto excommunicated, just as the St.Galen mafia cardinals were in 2013.

  3. Where there’s (sulfurous) smoke, there’s fire.

  4. The question is does Jorge Bergoglio even have The Catholic Faith?

  5. Does Jorge Bergoglio even have The Catholic Faith?

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