Get This, Francis!

What you see above is the interior of a brand new (consecrated in 2020) Orthodox Cathedral. It is very peculiar in that there are many glass mosaics, giving it a particular atmosphere within the frame of usual Orthodox sacred building style. The outside has been finished in metal, not stone, in an obvious reference to warfare, but it still looks very traditional. Can you imagine Francis promoting the construction of a Cathedral for the Armed Forces?

But this is not all. The Cathedral is built in what appears to be a huge “patriotic park”, well outside of Moscow but still easily reachable. From what I understand, you have there museums of the Great Patriotic War, armed forces exhibitions, and the like. It must be quite the one-day trip, or school trip. It is, likely, an ideal complement to the Museum of the 1812 War, just at the border of the Red Square.

But back to the Cathedral. Russians still build Cathedrals. Big, expensive ones. Made to look like Christian churches, not like shopping centres. Richly decorated in the tradition of Christian Orthodoxy. Proudly declaring the Christian faith of the Russian nation.

Francis must have the conniptions.

This building shows the excellent state of health of Russian Christianity, which we can compare to a boy who is growing healthy and strong and promises to, one day, become a great warrior for Christ. In just twenty years, Vladimir Putin has taken a still vivid patriotic spirit and has re-implanted in it the Christian Faith that had been, for one thousand years and until the savagery of Bolshevism, inseparable from the identity of the Russian nation. Much is there to do, of course, and you only need to remember that not only divorce, but abortion are still allowed in that Country. These things have to be seen in a historic perspective, and the re-christianisation of such an immense body as Russia is not something that can be done in a few years, or even in a generation. It was always so. The Roman Empire did not wake up entirely Christianised the morning after the Edict of Milan.

There is a strong, healthy, growing Christian spirit in Russia, and this growth is fostered by both the religious and the political power. Christian spirit and Patriotism grow together, are intertwined, are part of the way people understand themselves, of their entire way of being. It should be this way in every Christian Country and, in fact, it was this way until the Second Vatican Council slowly tried to transform Christianity in the Pacifist International.

But Christ is peace, not pacifism. War can, and should, be fought for the right reasons. The soldiers involved in it, and their relatives and dear ones, should see their role in it, their suffering and even their death, in a Christian framework.

Dulce et decorum est pro Patria mori. We forgot it. The Russians didn’t.

Take that, Francis, and bring it home to your trannies and degenerate priests.

You will never understand this stuff, because evil and rebellion dominate your heart.

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  1. I read in the Epoch Times a piece by an Italian journalist who discussed the issue of demographics. EVERY European country is in a state of natural population decline. In about 10 years, there will be more Mohammadans than, say, French. The author mentioned that Russia has a similar issue, which piggybacks what I remember reading in the early 2000s: the Bolshevik mentality destroyed the populations of cities and communities through abortion and contraception, that a total cultural shift is necessary.

  2. It’s beautiful. And the West is closing churches at a rapid rate. There is one happy story in the US. The SSPX is building a new church. Have a look:

  3. Perhaps it’s an acquired taste. It’s too gloomy for me. Feels like being in the inside a tank which is a shame because I love their icons. Stick to the stone.

  4. Dear M., yes, the revival of church building in Russia was a sign of hope, but your article lifted the scales from my eyes: where in the West is there a new cathedral? Here in Australia such a project is inconceivable. Much food for thought. Thank you and God bless your efforts.

  5. God bless the Russian troops and may Our Lady intercede to achieve the union of the Eastern and Western Churches under one Holy Pope!

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