The New Normal

Seriously now…

Please look at this.

I don’t understand why everyone is so excited these days. It really must be some right-wing conspiracy.

Come on, man! Have you forgotten the countless people you have seen fainting live on TV in the past decades? They were all young and apparently healthy, and then they just fainted in front of the camera! Yes, it was always a thing! I think it’s because they get so emotional?

But no, everybody now sees all these people fainting live and think that it has to do with the Blessed Vaxx Who Saved Us All.

It’s the same with the discos, you know. I remember that, when I was a child, there were a lot of people dying or fainting just because they were visiting a disco! It was very common, in those days, to just faint (or die) just in the middle of the dancefloor! I think, in fact, that if you look again at “Saturday Night Fever”, the John Travolta movie of the Seventies, there were some people just fainting during the filming! In fact, you will recall that they called it “fever” because “disco fever” made you faint on the dancefloor! It’s easy, no? Fever = ill = faint.


Also, all those people dying suddenly, who look very healthy.

Take Lance Reddick, for example. Clearly fit as a fiddle, he died “suddenly” at Sixty of “natural causes”. So what? Don’t you remember all those actors who died suddenly of natural causes in the Seventies, Eighties or Nineties?

Who, you will ask? Pppffff… too many to even remember!

It seems to me that people are being completely unreasonable here. It seems to me that a fully normal occurrence (healthy young people fainting or dropping dead) are suddenly being treated as something strange, blaming the Blessed Vaxx Who Saved Us All.

Seriously, people. I don’t know who is behind these fake news.

I blame the J6 terrorists.

And Trump. Yes, Trump.

It has to be Trump’s fault.

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  1. I reference to that female meteorologist who “fainted” on the air:
    That was a complete fake. The eyes give it away.
    She got the attention that she sought.
    I suspect that her contract is coming up for renewal and she was afraid of being sh*t-canned.
    Now, they would never fire her.

  2. They came up with a stupid lie to cover it and continue to fool the fools. Now they say Covid kills you a year or two later. You can’t make this stuff up.

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