False Charity

Ill, but not improved….

I never cease to be amazed at how many people confuse charity with simply feeling good with themselves.

Francis is ill, and the rumour mill is, predictably, spinning. We hope he dies soon. Why do we do that? Because he has an extremely important function and public role, which he has abused in the most grievous way. He is a real and present danger to the faith of Catholic and to the reputation of the Church. Bar a miracle, he will remain so until the day he dies. It is perfectly legitimate – and I would add, the only decent thing to do – to hope that he dies today. Alas, it’s not happening, but here’s hoping.

What, I think, Christian charity commands that we owe Francis is: a) the wish for his painless death and b) the wish for his salvation. I have prayed for both on a number of occasions. Let’s hope I need to intensify my prayers soon.

However, on the second point one must soberly recognise that the man’s salvation is improbable. It is very rare that God allows someone who has been his enemy for many decades to repent and die at peace with Him. It must, realistically, be even rarer when the scoundrel in question has damaged the Church he had the duty to guide and protect.

This is why, in Catholic tradition, a lifetime of prayer has been traditionally seen as a sign of predestination, and a lifetime of enmity with the Church as a sign of reprobation. We can’t just say “we don’t know, God decides, we just need to shut up”. If this were the case, then a life spent in prayerful service to God would not be a better indicator of salvation than a life spent as a gang killer in Mexico.

I have just reposted an old post that dealt with another side of the same issue: if, to you, Francis’ continued destruction is more important to you than the welfare of the Church, do you really love the Church? What is more important, your emotional, feel-good false charity, or Holy Mother Church?

No. I hope he dies soon. I hope he dies today. I wish he were already dead as I am writing his. And yes, this guy looks like reprobation like no other person I know or knew of.

But I have prayed for his salvation anyway, because his soul has immeasurable value.

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  1. Philip Johnson

    Great post Mundy.The Good Lord will take the scoundrel when appropriate.

  2. podkamien59885a193b

    False Charity is Incomplete, Misplaced, or Applied Conditionally, or Applied Unevenly or Disproportionally. So all this in our day, are Reasons for Falseness of Modern Day Charity.
    And then, …there is Philanthropy. Loving others irrespective of God and His Love.

  3. Hopefully Francis dies repentant of a long life of enmity towards the Faith, alongside his bullying, foulness and coarseness, and hopefully none of his Cardinal electors appointed by him try to give us a Francis II altho God will decide. Prayers.

  4. I, too, pray every day that he and his supporters will repent, recant and reform; but this is unlikely to say the least. We desperately need a Pope with a strong faith and the courage to rescue the Church from the terrible condition into which it has sunk since VII.

  5. I also pray for the pope, bishops and priests, every day that they will teach the truths of the Catholic faith. I also pray for a good and holy pope to replace the current incumbent, asap.

  6. Michael Matt made essentially the same point as you in his latest RemnantTV video.

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