Father Homo?

Can't see the problem in him, for some reason...

Read here on the usual Rorate a well-written (and beautifully translated) article appeared on an internet site of the Orthodox.

Besides being well argued, the article points out to something about which I have written often in the past, and will continue to insist upon on this blog: God doesn't do sexual perversion, and a sexual pervert most certainly can't be a priest.

One of the safest ways to recognise a sound thinking Christian from one polluted from the modern religion of “inclusiveness” is his attitude towards homosexuality. The sound Christian considers homosexuality as being in the same ballpark as other sexual perversions like pedophilia, incest or bestiality, whilst the polluted one subscribes to the “born that way” mantra. At this point he will start to say “gay” instead of homosexual, and slowly but surely this sexual perversion will become just another way of being normal. From there to not objecting to a homosexual priest the step is automatic, and the most confused might even consider him “a saint” because he is a celibate pervert. Erm, let me think….


The article points out to another hard but salutary truth: far from seeking the friendship and, so to speak, embrace of other homosexuals (with actually fairly predictable dangers) the homosexual priest must recognise his utter lack of fitness to be a priest and leave the priesthood. There is simply no other way, in the same way as it is unthinkable that a priest may be a celibate pedophile and think he is in any way, shape or form fit for the priesthood.

Whilst it is sad to see the Orthodox also have to deal with a liberal strain among them, I reflect the struggle between popularity and appeasement on one side and straight defence of Christian values on the other side is as old as Christianity himself. When history gives us the picture of a solid, monolithic Church it is not because those ages were deprived of dissent or internal subversives, but because the one and the others were effectively fought against. The Church is now doing a horrible job of this fight, and in some of them -even wearing black shoes – the doubt is justified as to whether they want the fight in the first place. We, the sound Christians, carry on regardless.



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  1. I had an interesting conversation about the whole “born homosexual” thing with an in-law several days ago, and he told me that some people are honestly born with a hormonal imbalance that makes them more prone to homosexual attraction. While working at a monastery kitchen, I met several monks who behaved in an effeminate manner, but, as far as I know, they weren’t actively homosexual (I didn’t really want to know, actually; I gave them the benefit of the doubt). Do you think it’s possible that some people are born more susceptible to persuasion that they were born homosexual (though that in no way justifies putting any such inclination into practice)? Or is it more likely that being persuaded has far more to do with nurture than with nature?
    I should clarify that I don’t think hormonal imbalances make someone homosexual. I’m just wondering if they make someone more easily convinced that he or she is homosexual by nature.

    • Oh, I think God endows everyone with gifts in very inequal measures; beauty, intelligence, wit, strength, talent, charity or faith aren’t given to everyone in the same Fashion. Virility, I am sure, is no exception. But this is very different from saying anyone is justified in just perverting himself.
      If you ask me, a perverted or dysfunctional environment is a much bigger factor than hormonal levels. It might never make of a man born with a strong hormonal equipment a fag, but it might be far more damaging in the less virile ones. Two faggots “adopting” a child will – if they don’t abuse him – always encourage their “boy” to be and think like them.


    • And I suspect that the more society communicates the idea that it’s just as normal to be born homosexual as it is to be born heterosexual, any man with less virility and any woman with less femininity will be encouraged to think that they were born homosexual and that they have a so-called right to live as such. And any child raised by a homosexual couple, regardless of their hormonal endowments, will be encouraged to see themselves as homosexual or at least to see the couple’s lifestyle as normal and good.

      I’m glad the teaching of the Catholic Church with regard to homosexuality–and other issues of faith and morals–can never change. It looks as though it’s largely up to the laity to make sure those teachings are shared with those who need to hear them, since few bishops and priests have both the knowledge and the intestinal fortitude to do so. God bless and help the bishops and priests who do, and the laity who stand with them.

  2. Read California Catholic Daily: July 1st. “Gay Pride Sunday”


  3. Thanks, sixupman, for the link. I hadn’t read those quotes from the saints before. I think I need to invest in a better Catechism (Council of Trent?).

  4. The word homosexual should not be used by Christians to describe the vice of Sodomy, unless they’re quoting from something else. Homosexual is a word invented by the queer community in 19th century Germany to avoid the stigma of being called sodomites or some other derogatory name (some quite obscene!!!).

    • I am fine with the word “homosexual”, which I often use to indicate the perversion in itself, rather than the act of sodomy.


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