Celebrating The Death Of The Dalai Lama

The mindless, populist cretin calling himself the Dalai Lama has now announced that, contrary to previous affirmations of him, the way for a She-Lama is now barred, because after him the job shall not be advertised anymore. The people will be its own spiritual guide, or such nonsense.

This one reminds one closely of Francis: stupid, populist, and so much in love with himself he wants to put everyone of his predecessors in the shadow. This one, in facts, even wants to prevent any of his successors from giving any shade to him.

The funniest in all this is that a chap calling himself Dalai Lama is supposed to believe that he is the reincarnation of his predecessors. Therefore, to fear – as he has half-jokingly, half-stupidly indicated – that an hypothetical successor of him could ruin the reputation he himself has gained for the office means to insult himself with the same breath with which he glorifies… himself.

We will, therefore, have no further dreamed-of reincarnation of him as Dalai Lama, or so the deluded man seems to think. Of course he wants to reincarnate himself “as long as there will be people suffering”, which means forever. But in his wisdom, he thinks that the help is best given not helping in the role of spiritual guide; rather in the role of humble nurse, or the like. Boy, this one reeks of Francis like the shepherd reeks of the sheep.

I obviously salute the announced death of the Dalai Lama as an office. That's one impostor less on the planet, which must – and will one day – recognise Christ as the King of Kings. But I also salute the announced demolition of a fake religious institution whilst the occupant is still living, as the boundless vanity of this man appears now evident even to the readers of the “Guardian”.

No She-Dalai, then, or further reincarnation crap. At least if the man has his way.

But will he have his way? I am afraid not. The Chinese Government has already said they are very interested in a Dalai Lama (how the times change!), and actually want to have a say in the appointment. An entire chaste of religious will see itself at risk of self-implosion without a visible head and symbol of unity. The end of the Dalai Lama would also – like it or not – be a severe blow to Tibet's fight for independence. Too much speaks for the next baby to be hand picked as the Dalai Lama – with or without China's agreement – shortly after the death of the mini-Francis now in charge. Hoping, as I am sure the religious do, that he will not be such an ass as the present one.

I celebrate the announcement of the death of the Dalai Lama.

I am just not entirely persuaded that the stupidity of this man's statements will survive his own death.


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