Francis, The Never Ending Disgrace

Read of the usual Rorate the very detailed description of how the Evil Clown has explained, in great detail, how a blasphemous crucifix does not offend him.

My hunch here is that one of these has happened:

1) Evil Clown has it said by third parties that he was “bewildered” at the “gift” when the scandal erupted. Then he realised people aren’t so stupid as he thought, and most of them – those who aren’t stupid – didn’t buy the one with the “surprise gift”. Not bewildered anymore, then.

2) Evil Clown has photo-op with blasphemous crucifix, thinking he will gain brownie points by the atheists and homos he sides with. Vatican officials try to limit the damage and suggest the Evil Clown was “bewildered”. Evil Clown will not have it, because he insists on ramming his impiousness down the faithful’s throats. Not bewildered anymore, then.

3) Francis is evil even when he isn’t drunk, and he might be drunk more often than we think. He says what the mood, or the grappa, suggests to him to say in the moment. What he has said yesterday has no relevance today. Logic and coherence are good for rosary counters. Superior beings like him do not need them, because they stink like the sheep.

Note that, in the same context, the man proceeds to ram more Marxism down your throat, whether you like it or not.

Just for you to know whose side he is on.


In the disgrace, there is one small consolation. This man is so obvious in his impiousness, that no one who keeps believing in his rubbish can claim any excuse. He is so blatantly anti-Catholic, that anyone who insists on taking his side shows his follows the cult of a person, not the Catholic faith.

I am thankful that as God punishes us with such a scourge, he at least gives everyone of us the possibility of seeing this man for the Evil Clown he is, and to choose Him, our Lord instead. He makes the choice easy for us. Therefore, we are not allowed to avoid choosing.

Dear Lord, please let this punishment pass, in Your good time. But as long as this punishment endures, please continue to give our sinful souls the ability to recognise so easily what a fraud this man is.



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