Born That Way

crucifixSome of us (including yours truly) are the kind who relish the battle. We were, basically, born to cross swords. We just love to be part of the minority. We may be tired at times, but we are tired like the professional cyclist is tired: you know after a while he will be on the saddle again.

Alas, not everyone is born with the contrarian attitude, and the character trait of enjoying it.

Let us imagine for a moment that you are one of the latter. Let us imagine that you feel exhausted at the string of bad news, the discussions with friends and relatives, the endless drain this has on your energy. Understandable, that you may be at times tempted to give up: stop the discussions, or the blogging (if you blog), or the commenting (if you comment), or the reading (if you read).

Would this make you feel better? Would this improve your, say, “quality of life”?

I bet it wouldn’t. Apart from the very obvious fact that this is a vale of tears, and quality of life should not be our first concern, the brutal fact is that if you are a sincere Catholic shutting up would just let you suffer more. You would have to endure the careless mentions of the “gay” all tyour friends make as if this was a normal state of affair. You would have to endure the spreading of what you know to be Satan’s poison among those you love most. You would have to know that whilst you are shutting up, others are writing and fighting and quarreling and exchanging adrenaline on the Internet, and you are not part of the battle.

Would that make you happier? I doubt. Certainly: the tepid, the wannabes, the small “c” catholics can live better in that way. But you, my dear reader, you can’t. If you could, you would have found this blog unbearable a long time ago. You can’t, because you care.

Then I say to you: let Catholicism be one of your daily cares. Let the suffering that the continuous reading about bad news gives you make a part of your suffering, and give it to Christ together with all your other cares and sorrows (which, be in no doubt about that, will increase with age anyway). Get up in the morning knowing that there will be bad news, or stupid commenters, of journalists that let your adrenaline go sky high, or priests that send you out of the grace of God (let’s hope not literally; it’s an Italian way of saying…), or a Pope that… OK, I’ll stop here.

Embrace it all as part of your cross. We weren’t born for “quality of life”. We were born to give witness in our small way. It will cost anger and adrenaline. It will cost friendships (but were they good ones?). It will cost the loss of comfort in many  small and less small occasions. But there is no better alternative; not only thinking of our own salvation, but even thinking of our own “quality of life”.

Some people were not born to shut up.

Then it is much better for them that they don’t.

Born that way, and all that…


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  1. Grow not weary , sir…

  2. That was nicely inspiring, Mundy. You feed our hearts, minds and souls with hope. Yes, we depend upon The Body & Blood of Jesus to give us eternal life; yet the assistance and support in these times of hardship and distress you offer us helps sustain our spirits nonetheless. Many thanks to you, Mr. Mundy.

    • Thank you, Sir, and congratulations for the beautiful moniker.
      In an unrelated remark, every message remotely suspected of Sedevacantism will be deleted.

    • Mr. Mandy,

      You left the following reply to my comment on this thread:

      “Mundabor on July 27, 2015 at 6:09 pm
      Thank you, Sir, and congratulations for the beautiful moniker.
      In an unrelated remark, every message remotely suspected of Sedevacantism will be deleted.

      Sir, FYI: I am not now nor have I ever been a Sede. And, sincerely, I’m quite fairly sure I’ve never made a remark which could be interpreted as Sede. On your blog or any other.

    • Glad to hear that.
      If, therefore, I should have deleted a comment of yours that sounded like that, the guilt is entirely mine and I take full responsibility.

  3. Men are created to be warriors.

  4. Thank you, M, for a quite literally Providential post. After the sermon I endured this morning (you know the one — the miracle of the loaves and fishes was a miracle of the generosity of the people — that old canard), I was seriously considering, for the sake of my blood pressure, giving up the internet and withdrawing into my shell. I told myself that that would improve my spiritual life, but I see now that it would only be a cowardly retreat. Many thanks for the pep talk!

  5. I find setting my clock radio to Radio 4 is a very effective way of being bolted straight back into the awareness of the daily battle raging. It’s often literally upon waking (Tatchell must sleep in the studio!). If it’s not immediately, then certainly – the other side of a Credo, a Pater, an Ave and Glory Be – within 10 minutes. Rarely the luxury of 15 minutes. Send up our sighs…in crystal clear digital signals.

  6. “Christians are born for combat” Leo XIII SAPIENTIAE CHRISTIANAE… The 14th paragraph alone should be enough to rouse men to this battle. A great post, Mundabor, thank you.

  7. Methinks you and I may be twins separated at birth 😉. I will never give up the fight!

  8. mariachristina9

    Yes Mr. M, I believe you were “born that way” in your motivation to defend the Lord and His Church! As Catholics, we all have this duty, though some will “go along to get along”. Your blog has so many readers because you write honestly and from the heart. I have never been offended by anything you’ve written….yet 😉! So keep on writing and being you. God bless.

    • Oh, I don’t have so many readers after all… But I think that I am read by people like me; people who can’t just “chill out” and “relax”. Sinners as we all are, of course.

  9. Got me in one Mundy! I would walk around a city block to avoid an argument. Discord truly makes me ill to the pit of my stomach.
    However, as you have identified , I look forward to reading your blog regardless of your adversorial nature because you articulate so very clearly all of my own deeply disturbed beliefs that there are Bishops, Cardinals and even the Pope who seem to be hell bent (literally), on changing the 2000 year doctrine of the Lord’s own church. A schism is looming if this apostasy becomes fact.
    It IS cross to bear because I have left good friendships because of the way they live. My response to it all is to pray a great deal and to trust in the promise “the gates of hell will not prevail against it”.

  10. Excellent to read, thank you so much. Yes, men were born to fight, but is it appropriate for christian women to do so as well? I don’t enjoy it much, but as you say, shutting up is much more painful.

    Also, might as well comment while I can, soon our new law in Argentina will start banning all offending comments from the internet. Anyone commenting against tolerance will not be tolerated and will be fined or imprisoned.

    Keep up the good work and please don’t stop blogging, us prisoners require your news, commentaries and analyses to know how things continue (Argentine blogs are starting to shut down due to the new law).

    God bless you all.

  11. Well, your article inspired me so much that after several months of regular, heated blogging on Fishwrap I was finally blocked and expelled. Got into a row with a ‘Brother’ and a ‘Priest’. Truth be told, it was beginning to get to me but somehow one is compelled to fight – and aggressively at times – against the lies and distortions thrown at our beloved Church and faith. There is a small group of faithful Catholics who post there but my how they are bullied, provoked and insulted. Keep them in your prayers.

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