Francis America Visit: 10 Things To Know And Share

Who am I to judge, you damned Catholics?

Why is Francis flying to another Continent?

In order to preach to others not to cause CO2 emissions with things like, erm, flying. He also wants to promote his favourite political agenda: Peronism.

Flying over an ocean with his entire entourage. Isn't this hypocritical?

Yes, it is. But Francis lives in a shame-free zone in which reason, coherence, or even basic sense of decency are not allowed to enter. And he also is, let us say it, rather stupid.

Why did Francis also visit Cuba?

Officially, because it's a Catholic Country. Unofficially, in order to boost the local Communist regime, which persecuted Catholics and destroyed everything than could be destroyed for more than half a century. But they hate Capitalism, like him.

But is a Pope not supposed to be critical of Communism?

A normal Pope, yes. A faithless Peronist who chose religious life in order to scrounge a comfortable and privileged existence, no.

What else did Pope Francis do in Cuba?

He talked, as always, a lot of nonsense. He went so far as to say that it is good that there is dissent and division within the Church. The usual rubbish, on steroids.

Why would he say that?

Because he is evil and, as already stated, stupid to boot. He wants to undermine Church teaching with his Modernist or outright secular rubbish, but being the ass he is he can't go at it with any subtlety. This is why nowadays even big traditional outlets mock him.

What will Francis do in the United States?

Officially, he will take part in some World Catholic gathering or other, of the kind which makes stupid girls of stupid parents pregnant. Unofficially, he clearly wants to boost Obama's socialist, environ-mentalist and homosexualist agenda. It is his agenda, too, so it makes sense.

Why do you say that?

Because of the rubbish the man has been producing from his Peronist mouth since records began. There is truly no reason to believe he will change his tune now. Mind, he will hint at a Catholic thing or two. This will appease the Pollyannas and delight the assorted groupies.

What else do I need to know?

He will attend a reception at which Obama has invited all sorts of perverts, dissenters, and outright enemies of the Church. Of course he could have prevented this, but he clearly didn't. He wants to spread his own anti-Gospel.

Will it work?

No, it will not work. He couldn't even fill the hotel rooms, no matter how cheap. People are starting to see through him. The novelty effect has disappeared, and he now looks like yesteryear's reality show hero.



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  1. Pope Francis will be leaving an increased anti-Catholicism here in the U.S. when he finally leaves our shores. And rightly so. If I were a Protestant, all of the contempt my ancestors had for Catholics would be bubbling to the surface again. The idea that the head of the Catholic Church has come here to lecture us on climate change and anti-capitalism is stomach churning (except to Obama’s acolytes, of course). Already commentators are challenging the ludicrousness of his opinions. And this right before the Synod, when we have to watch the gut-wrenching shenanigans that will be taking place there. I only can conclude that it’s God’s punishment for the culture of death that we in the West have promoted. A house built on sand will crumble and that is exactly what’s happening to Western civilization now that we are in the business of murdering babies. The words of Isaiah come to mind: “When you spread out your hands in prayer, I hide my eyes from you’ even when you offer many prayers, I am not listening. Your hands are full of blood!”

  2. To be sure, a loose canon on deck.

  3. When I saw the “10 things to know” on Pewsitter I thought for sure I would be linking to someone else! Hah!

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