Easy Words That Were Too Difficult For Francis







“My name is Anke de Bernardinis and, like many people in our community, I’m married to an Italian, who is a Roman Catholic Christian. We’ve lived happily together for many years, sharing joys and sorrows. And so we greatly regret being divided in faith and not being able to participate in the Lord’s Supper together. What can we do to achieve, finally, communion on this point?”

Only possible answer:

“You must convert to the Catholic Church”.

Is this too much to ask of a Pope? Really?

It is certainly beyond the pale for this Pope; who, offered the only possible answer on a silver plate, throws himself in the usual confused blabbering; at the end of which we have no answer at all, but we understand the man is trying to make her as much of a honorary Catholic as he can without telling her the brutal facts:  that she isn’t and that this is very, very bad.

The only way is conversion. There is only one shop. You are in or out. If you’re out you are in danger of damnation. That’s it.

Basic Catholic fare for every peasant until V II.

Too much for a Pope now.



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  1. Another possible answer: read the bible Catholics. Begin at Matt 19:9.

  2. If the cushion on the battered three legs of the stool is Holiness, then it will also be covered with whited sepulcher dust.

  3. I don’t understand how you do this day after day. I have to take long, weeks or months, breaks from reading your blog. Weeks or months when I can forget that a Pope even exists. But then I get curious and come back. And, after a while, I have to leave again.

    • I have times when I can’t anymore, and take a weekend or so “free”. But I know it’s just recharging the batteries.
      I was born for controversy.

      Also, in the end you discover that you suffer more if you just shut up; I am simply unable to “let it be”. I have written a post on this once: those who really care cannot simply let it be…


  4. “No one can be saved outside the Catholic Church just as no one could be saved outside Noah’s Ark”. Blessed James Duckett.

  5. The key point for me from the ectoplasmic flow of drivel was the hanging sentence “I dare not say . . . . ” Am I being over-optimistic – taking into account his personal vanity – in wondering whether Francis has been read the Riot Act by certain cardinals and has decided that remaining centre-stage Pope trumps all? I suppose the post-Synod papal summary, if there is one, may provide an answer.

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