Words Have Lost Their Meaning

Let us make clear something at the start: you write a blog, you will be insulted. I have a fairly thick skin, and I have always been blessed with a sovereign contempt for the attacks of people of mediocre intelligence; therefore,  most of the time I smile about it, and take it as a confirmation that I am doing something right.

What, however, strikes me as odd is the fact that those who choose to insult me do not have, on many occasions, any sense of proportions, or any respect for the language.

I object to be called hyper-trad, as there are around people with much, much stronger views about Traditionalism than me. One example: I do not advocate that people skip Mass if they do not have a Traditional Mass within reasonable distance. If I am hyper-trad, what are they: super-duper-hyper-mega Trads?

The expression hyper-polemic also leaves me quite perplexed: one does not need to go around the internet for long in order to find sites with much stronger expressions than the ones I use; but I assume that for some people, it is enough to smash “hyper” on their article and the job is done.

But the worst is to say that I have veered towards Sedevacantism. I can comfortably say that at least 80% of the insults I get (might be more) are, in actual fact, because I didn’t.  

This indiscriminate use of hyperbole is a betrayal of the language, besides being factually wrong.

Insult me as much as you want, it’s (still) a free Internet. But please, take the time to read around a bit before you call me hyper-here, hyper-that, and even Sedevacantist!

Words have lost their meaning. Facts are irrelevant. Everything is digital nowadays.

Trump is a danger to women.

The Russians have decided the 2016 election.

Building walls is unChristian.

But heavens, making of me a Sedevacantist is as “fake news” as it gets.

Still, I was mildly bemused, and actually had to chuckle when I discovered that the person who insulted me in such a way proceeded, immediately thereafter, to take the pain to translate (approvingly!) an entire blog post of yours truly: the hyper-trad, hyper-polemic Sedevacantist!

When even those who insult you feel the need to invest a decent amount of time to let the world know what you think, one can be bemused indeed.


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  1. Thomas Pernice

    Stay strong and faithful, my friend. I am grateful for your advocacy.

  2. Hello M, Could you define Sedevancantist in present usage? Or at least in your usage?
    I always took it to mean someone who believes the papal throne is vacant due to the invalidity of elections from 1958 to the present. They also advocate only going to a TLM mass from maybe SPXX or staying home alone, but because of the perceived invalidity of modern Holy Orders, they do not believe the Novus Ordo mass to be valid. Is this correct?
    I researched Pius X’s death. He died within 24 hours of the Superior General of the Jesuits. , Fr. Wernz, an expert theologian on the operation of the papacy. They were alleged to have died of pneumonia, the flu, a heart attack, a stroke, or my personal favorite, a broken heart. From the articles on their symptoms at death I believe it most likely they died of poisoning. They were surrounded by masons and in my view,due to circumstances too complex to discuss here, it is likely the 1914 conclave and subsequent conclaves to the present day were invalid. – which makes the “popes” invalid. I have no conclusions regarding the validity of post- 1914 Holy Orders. I attend a Novus Ordo mass. I have little choice in that regard. Is it valid? I don’t know. I know my intention is to receive the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. The rest I leave up to the Almighty.

    • A Sedevacantist is one who believes that the throne is vacant when the world think it is not. Bennyvacantists are Sedevacantist in the making. Your morbid fantasies have nothing Catholic in it.

  3. This business of separating sheep from goats is giving us all fits, as it should, and we are frankly jumpy, tempted to speak before we know what we’re about.
    There’s another, much larger concern: most of us–if not all–are so deeply steeped in modernism that we are having trouble recognizing its signs and effects in ourselves; it’s easier (and less disturbing) to point it out in others. It will require heroic charity to uproot this heresy of heresies without a tremendous loss of souls in the process. Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s prophesy has come true: those who believe no longer trust one another. We cannot fight each other AND triumph over modernism. Blessed Mother, help us!

  4. I’ve for some time feared that “Papa” Bergoglio is a heretic in the same mold as the frightful Luther — and just as “protestant” and just as dangerous to the Church.

  5. “Your morbid fantasies have nothing Catholic in it.” For the first 700 years of the Catholic faith popes were martyred on a regular basis. Wikipedia also has a list of popes likely murdered including Pope Clement II, allegedly of poisoning. The murder or martyrdom of a pope was always a deliberate act of violence,martyrdom being overt while murder being covert. Either choice was perceived by the murderer as a blow against a rival to their own power, the rival being Christ Himself. With this history, and our knowledge that our adversary is the devil himself, is it so inconceivable that a modern pope could be murdered in cold blood by masons, self-proclaimed enemies of Christ and His Church?

    • The morbid fantasy is to decide that you think the one or other pope has been poisoned. This is another sign of the modern times: people want to rewrite history and want you to believe it.

  6. There are two but completely unrelated pragmatic observations to be made about the church today which have their origin outside of both space and time. First, Our Lady of Fatima has been quite clear about the pope of 1960 and the Pope that would be there to perform the consecration “in the end.” Implicit in this is a rejection of a set of a sedevacantist assertions about the sacraments having become invalid. John XXIII had to be a valid Pope in 1960 and there has to be a validly elected Pope in the end in order to perform the consecration. That also seems to speak to the popes after Pius X being valid too. The papacy and the sacraments are not Tiffany Glass, broken if you look at them wrong. Intrinsically invalid sacraments would seem to make Our Lady’s words erroneous, unless you think Fatima was either in whole or in part fake. In a separate but unrelated circumstance, Fr Chad Ripperger, noted exorcist, has detailed the need to obtain jurisdiction from novus ordo bishops in order to successfully prosecute an exorcism, which seems to show but they possess the valid orders necessary to possess Episcopal jurisdiction since laymen parading around as bishops don’t possess supernatural jurisdiction. So while the sedevacantist position has a theoretical allure for many people as a practical matter, it seems to be completely invalid since it doesn’t meet with reality which is the definition of Truth.

  7. I agree that assisting at mass with the NO if no traditional mass is available is a good idea. I’m working on it; will be speaking with someone in authority about the future of the church here in Hawai’i and more to the point, about what options I have to not receive in the hand from females. More than anything else, that’s a problem for me.

    Besides that sad situation, it is disconcerting to see the beautiful high altar all freshened up with paint and care, as the ongoing restoration of the very old by Hawai’i standards Cathedral continues n Honolulu, and never to have it used, but a table used instead, at a lower level. I visit the Blessed Sacrament regularly, and am reading, rereading actually, The Devotion to the Sacred Heart by Fr. Croiset which is so so editying and sweet and wonderful for my soul. I highly recommend it.

    • Do what I do: always, always queue in front of the priest and receive from him. Kneeling and on the tongue. This must, surely, be always possible.

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