Planned Parenthood: Baby-Killer CEO Not Bloodthirsty Enough, Gets Fired

” I smile a lot whilst killing babies, because it’ s not political, see?”

Planned Parenthood, the giant US baby-killing machine, has decided to get rid of her CEO of 10 months (incidentally: woman, and minority; just sayin’…) because not hard enough on the baby-killing line.

Killing babies is a pure health care issue, says the not-so-good doctor.

My foot, replies Planned Babycide’s Board: killing babies is a big money machine, there are elections coming, and a lot of dough is at stake!

Therefore, the smiling baby-killer has been ousted in favour of baby-killers with a more aggressive attitude. More talk of “reproductive health”, “women’s rights”, and other dumb stuff meant to hide the brutal, atrocious reality of baby-killing is to be expected.

I welcome the development.

Planned Parenthood need to be exposed, and the best way to achieve this aim is allow the baby butchers to actually expose themselves as aggressively as they can.

Good riddance, smiling baby-killers.

Moloch wants someone even worse than you.






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  1. As one of my three stunningly daughters pointed out to me this morning, ironically, Planned Parenthood “terminated” her. Guy McClung, Texas

  2. After reading the above link, this “doctor” sounds like a heinous person and a good match for PP. But they must have considered her leadership to be a threat to their bottom line, so she had to go. The abortion industry is all about the money. I’m always amazed how doctors, who have taken the Hippocratic Oath, can become baby killers for hire. If they can figure out how to make money off of euthanasia, I fear that will be next.

  3. catholictradition2

    Planned Parenthood so-called has always been about bloodlust, so this is a nature progression of a most foul and unnatural business. This was to be expected after all.

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