Francis In Action

Satanical pope Francis was guaranteed to do something childish after the pagan statues of Pachamama were thrown into the River and recovered by the Carabinieri. I am informed the church of S. Maria in Traspontina had his pews rearranged around the recovered Pagan idols.

This has, of course, the effect that some of the pews will give the shoulder to Our Lord in the Tabernacle.

Why would this bother our heretic in chief? Francis never cared to show any respect for Christ before, why would it start now? No. What was important to him was the double slap in the face of the faithful.

You stole my pagan idols? I now force you to see them in the middle of the Church, replacing God’s worship.

“But Mundabor, Mundabor! Frankie would never be so stupid! This would be too open an offence to Our Lord and His Church!”

There are photos somewhere. It’s really the desecration of a church and its transformation into a pagan temple. There is no shame and no apology. The statues are depicted with the red belly, signifying the pregnancy, of Pachamama. This is what these wooden figures clearly represent: pagan idols.

And yes, Francis is so stupid.

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  1. Stupid?
    What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?

  2. Stéphane Mercier

    A few years ago, I remember seeing a stupid rug, a candle, and a big green book in the aisle of an otherwise beautiful church in Louvain, Flanders. I went to see what that could possibly be. You guessed it: a cozy space specially devoted to brother Mahound and his carpet-hugging habits, all complete with a copy of the unholy book of nonsense spat from the desert.

    I was so astonished back then that I didn’t even think of a proper course of action. Next time, I’ll not be caught by surprise again: I’ll seize the book and the rug, and dispose of them in the closest bin—-and I mean recycle bin: now that’s some Laudato si’ attitude, don’t you think?

    Someone will complain that the rug really tied the room together, I guess, but that will be their opinion, if you see what I mean ^^

    I’m really hoping for an oportunity to redeem my youthful mistake! It also works with the pachamama, of course, or fancy hindu god. How inclusive!

  3. the paradox: a pope using the authority given by tradition to destroy tradition. Is it Getsemani time for the Church?

  4. Who can believe anything that soot-assed moron says? I don’t believe the idols really were fished from the river; I think it took just about the right amount of time for Bergoglio to special order a duplicate set from some coconut shack in Bolivia and have them Fed Exed to Rome so he could claim his fake “miracle” and restore them. Not to St. Peter’s however; naturally he chickened out when he met some resistance.

  5. Francis admitted they were of Pachamama.

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