Black Lives That Matter Living Dangerously

We are reading everywhere about the many dangers surrounding the life of a Black man, particularly a young Black man.

We have seen many times the diverse ways in which a young, promising, exemplary life can be put to a cruel, unjust end.

Think of this: merely resisting arrest can cause a Black man to be killed. And why would a young, exemplary life consent to be arrested? Merely to perpetuate the discrimination against Blacks, with the excuse of some trivial matter like not having a driving license, or having marijuana in the car, or being drunk, or under the influence of drugs? Surely, the system is defective and must be reformed?

Many a promising young Black life has already been terminated for trivial matters like trying to send, in protest, extremely tiny pieces of metal, often not bigger than .38 inches, in the direction of the policemen oppressing them. Heck, there were young Black Lives That Matter put to an end for something so obvious, so much to be expected as refusing to comply with police orders!

Come on, man! Who would do that, knowing the systemic racism inside the police and the justice system? If I were a young Black Life That Matters and the police stopped me, I would certainly not do what they say! Heck, I would just scuffle myself free, walk to my car, open the door and either drive away or reach for an innocuous knife or gun! What am I supposed to do, go to jail for something so trivial as an arrest warrant?

Knowwhaddamean, dawg?

And do you believe it, these people might shoot me if I did?

Truly, things have to change.

But do you know what is the greatest danger, by far, in the life of a young Black Life That Matters? You know what it is that is so dangerous, that an Iraq tour, or even living in a bad neighbourhood in Chicago, pale in comparison?

Well, it’s easy.

It is….

It is….

It is….

His mother!

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  1. Abortion…the Black genocide.
    Years ago when I was employed by a federal agency in the Philadelphia area I was assigned a young, female, African American as an administrative assistant.
    She had 3 daughters fathered by different men. During our discussions she explained that she was a Christian and so would never consider an abortion. God bless her for giving birth to her daughters.
    As part of our abortion conversations she distinguished her beliefs from those of her friends. She explained to me that one of her friends used abortion as a means of birth control and had voluntarily submitted to 21 abortions.
    Planned barrenhood made a killing $$$: in more ways than one.

  2. ….and then there’s the West Chester PA Planned Parenthood abortion mill.
    Abortions are performed every Friday morning and a group of faithful, militant “pro lifers” pray outside the clinic and offer sidewalk counseling and alternatives.
    The Planned barrenhood facility provides “deathscorts” to escort the mothers from their cars to the killing chamber.
    An armed security officer stands guard at the door of the abortion mill and sometimes intervenes when the rhetoric gets hot….
    The security guard, David, is an African American.
    I’ve pointed out the horrific agenda of Planned barrenhood and Sanger’s black genocide intentions hoping to convince David to realize he’s being played, suckered and treasonous to his own people.
    David’s response? “I have to put bread on the table.”

  3. sixlittlerabbits

    Yes, it is sickening that in New York City in 2016, more black babies were aborted than were born;
    I was surprised to learn when reading Thomas Sowell that black families were stable in the 1940s. I don’t understand how they were eliminated and corrupted in the following years. In the 1960s the claim was that black women found jobs easier than black men, and welfare rewarded single women, paying more benefits than to families. What a disgrace.

    • In the UK it’s exactly the same.
      Young black girl? No brains, no ambition, no desire to work?
      Get pregnant and say you don’t know who the father is.
      Council house and comfortable existence, courtesy of the taxpayer.

  4. Years ago I attended a Cardinal Mindzentsy Foundation presentation / seminar in Scarsdale New York.

    The topic was abortion and the guest speaker was none other than Dr. Bernard Nathanson.

    At the end of his presentation he announced his conversion to the Catholic Faith.

    The demonic, abortion tsunami / genocide experienced by the African American race is a direct result of the rejection of, as E. Michael Jones emphasizes, the rejection of Logos….and I think his book, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” is a read that will convert you to Mike’s assertion.

    Combine “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” with Mike’s “Slaughter of the Cities” and you’ll surely come away enlightened….especially with regard to the Jewish influence.

    Recently a priest friend revealed to me that at one time he had to obtain permission from his bishop (this priest is located in Massachusetts) to absolve a penitent from the sin of abortion. However that changed as abortion became more and more prevalent amongst Catholics it became too burdensome to require the priest to solicit the bishop’s permission.

    Dr. Nathanson confirmed the force and influence of the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.

    May he rest in Peace.

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