Bullets, Meet Mr Reinoehl

Mr Reinoehl, the murderer of the poor Patriot in Portland in the last days, has assumed room temperature after a sudden meeting with 30 or 40 bullets, courtesy of the US Marshals.

I hope there is a video.

The murderer had managed to give an interview to the ultra-left, and aptly named, Vice publication. In this interview he had, poor bastard that he was, even tried to let his murder appear as justified. These people live on another planet, one in which brains are not needed.

This is really the best possible outcome for the tragedy of the murder of Mr Danielson. No expensive trials, no social workers busying around the “patient”, no necessity to feed this individual for the next 40 years, all the while being accused of violating his human rights. The solution of the problem was fast, clean, and definitive.

Please save me the “every death is a tragedy” stuff. The death of Mr Danielson is a tragedy. The death of Mr Reinoehl is an outcome much to be desired, and satisfies a healthy, sensible, innate desire for justice which, if you preferred 5 years of trial and a life sentence for him, you have clearly lost.

The shooting will also, hopefully, put the scarce neurons of those activists lucky enough to be in possession of them in movement. They will, if there is some sense left in them, realise that there is no way they can play revolutionary hero and get away with it. It will be one hour of glory and blm or antifa bastards cheering you, followed by an accelerated course in being hunted, very possibly with a lethal outcome. The obvious desire for violence, in and out of the riots, of these people – all three men killed or wounded in Kenosha were felons – will, if they still have some brains left, find other channels than the shooting of innocent Patriots.

I suggest that they knock their head to the wall until they bleed, and repeat the exercise every day until they calm down.

It surely beats the meeting with the bullets of the US Marshals.

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  1. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    It’s certainly biblical. “If you live by the sword you’ll die by the sword.” These hoodlums love violence. It must give them a thrill. I hate to see anyone come to this bad end, but it is the natural result of the choices they make. I’m praying that this lesson is not lost on his fellows.

  2. Also, both of those dudes killed in Wisconsin. Especially Joseph R, who spent time in jail for the rape of 5 boys between the ages of 9-15. He should not have even been out of jail.

  3. I wish writers of all stripes (including you, sir) would stop using the honorific “Mr.” when referencing people who have gotten themselves in trouble, in one form or another, with society.

    Apply this even to those who have been accused of causing someone else harm. Simply state the person’s name in full. Doing so is not disrespectfully to the individual. And don’t worry about being sued by them for not including “mister” ahead of their name. They have bigger problems to deal with.

    Mr. or Mrs. is intended to connote respect. If people forfeit our respect, they don’t deserve an honorific.

    If we are all “Misters”, they nobody is.

    • I understand the sentiment, but I disagree with the statement.
      “Mister” might have been honorific in 1722; nowadays it only describes a person. Exactly the same happens with the Italian “Signore” (which actually means “master” or “lord”) and the German “Herr” (which means the same).
      We are all Misters. Some better, some worse.
      Every criminal has “Mr” is his passport and official records.

  4. Use of the title also is a way of standing up to the gender police. FWIW.

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