Traditionis Carnifices: How Long Will Francis Last?

As my affectionate readers know, I am guilty of always been robustly optimistic. My glass is, even when half empty, always three quarter full. Therefore, please take the following with a pinch of salt.

Francis is old. He is missing half a lung and an unspecified portion of his colon. He is fat, and does not give any sign, at least up to now, to want to change his diet (sciatica and colon issue point out, AFAIK, to excessive consumption of meat forming uric acid in the body and contributing to colon congestion, colon impactions and diverticulosis, which can degenerate into diverticulitis and make an operation necessary; I think something of the sort is at play here). I’d say that we are looking, in the not too distant future, either at healthy Francis, or at dead Francis. I know what’s more likely.

Unless I am mistaken, an awful lot of Bishops are making the same considerations as I write this. The old man is a maverick, and many bishops realise (from what I read around) that, once again, he has shot himself in the foot. They aren’t really keen to anger the most faithful part of their pewsitter. They know, in many cases, that the SSPX is available, and the faithful will make heavy use of the possibility. They know that there will be an onslaught of canonical lawsuits, with countless priests openly stated that no pope can abrogate the Mass of St Pius V. They know that donations are going to take a hit.

On the other hand, there is the maverick, angrier and bitterer as the years go by. How long will Francis last?

In case you think that I have just stated that many bishops hope that the old nincompoop takes his leave soon, let me clarify: It’s exactly what I think. They weren’t born yesterday, these bishops, and whilst they have clearly no spine, I’d say most of them have a brain.

Therefore, the combination of functioning brain and jellyfish spine will lead to this: that many bishops will give a more or less “efficient” interpretation to traditionis carnifices according to their estimation of the residual length of this disgraceful Pontificate.

And now go on, and accuse me of being an incurable optimist! I promise you I will be able to take it….

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  1. Now you’re thinking like a senior manager / bureaucrat in a large organization! Your average bishop is such a creature. He sees that the Novus Bogus mass is on life support. It’s a financial dead end. Susan from the parish council is in an old people’s home, or toddling around with dementia or even dead from COVID. He knows the Latin mass is the last hope of his diocese and if he wants a promotion, he better make sure his diocese isn’t bankrupt and the parishioners aren’t rioting. So as you said Bishop Bureaucrat will maintain the status quo.

  2. The Bishop of the Diocese in which I live has come out with a letter granting that there will be no change whilst he evaluates what must be done (as if that weren’t spelt out quite plainly) and carefully plots out how he will proceed in the (obviously very slow) implementation of frankie’s latest irelevant yet “has the force of law” proclamation.
    The Bishops are in a chancy position as, if they outright refuse the directive as they should, they are liable to removal and replacement with someone (much) worse that they are. We have seen that already. So even if frankie doesn’t really have the power to force a Bishop to enforce this newest outrage he does have the power to remove/replace those Bishops who refuse with ones who will gayfully cooperate.
    After all: if you don’t believe in Jesus’ Miracles you don’t believe in Jesus’ Godhood and you consequently don’t believe in the Triune God so you are not even a Christian much less a Roman Catholic so what do you care since there won’t be any consequences for whatever blasphemic thing you do or say….

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