We Lose Because We Are Weak

US Bishops

The US Bishops have released a document against self-mutilation because of “gender” madness.

If you read the text (I did in its entirety, but the link does not work) you see that the bishops say, in principle, all the right things. You are the sex you were born with, you can’t presume to get another sex, etc. Of course, they quote the Evil Clown.

Still, the document is gravely deficient, in that it is a) too sensitive and b) silent on the causes of the madness.

The language of the entire document is so timid it makes you cringe. There isn’t one paragraph in it that you would call forceful. It is as if the Bishop, once they have to speak, had decided to lower the volume as far as possible, lest they get heard and accused of “phobia”.

This is not the attitude of shepherds. It is, in fact, not even the attitude of believers. A shepherd needs to reassure and confirm the sheep. A document of this sort should be a strongly worded, proud document of firm proclamation of logic and faith. Instead, the documents claims to understand the “real problems” and “real suffering” of the gender madness bigots.

If you put yourself into a corner, you will be pummeled in it. The Bishop either don’t get it, or don’t mind being pummeled.

If a madmen comes to me and tells me he is an elephant trapped in the body of a man I don’t tell him that his is “real suffering”, much less that he has a real problem. I tell him that he needs medical help, because he is very, very unwell.

This is not what the Bishops do. They first implicitly espouse your point of view, then proceed to tell you that you are still wrong, for reasons they would so much avoid telling you but, unfortunately, must. This is, then, a big “fail”.

The roots of the issue are also completely ignored. The Bishop seem to pretend that a guy can “get” this “real problem” like one gets a cold.


This level of bigoted madness can only exist if a person has allowed Satan to camp into his own mind, make a huge tent, and reside there permanently until almost every vestige of sanity has gone.

Gender theory is the work of Satan. Until you say this, you haven’t said anything.

The Bishops don’t say it. It looks like those bigoted madmen are all “ill”. It looks like: hey, I know you got a bad disease, but your medicine isn’t the right one. Problem is: a flu does not send one to hell, gender madness does.

Do the bishops know it? If they know it, why they don’t say it?

Or is it so, that they don’t believe it in the first place?

Ah, now I think I understand….

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  1. I was reading Fr. James Wathen’s 1971 book, “The Great Sacrilege”. He says, numerous times, that the god of the new Mass is the people: facing the people, community-centered theology, etc. That explains the bishops and priests being so enamored with “human respect”…

    • Yes. It’s very evident. The “aren’t we all wonderful people” vibe is everywhere. For those who still don’t get it, there is the applause in the church. Then there is no doubt…

  2. With thanks to V2-Revolution and its zeitgeist protocol of the fifth column and their lukewarm-but-progressive comradeship.

  3. I would love to ask prayers for a great SSPX priest who died on Saturday morning, unexpectedly, of a heart attack (Fr. GCD). He is a friend, and the brother of one of my closest friends, and he will certainly be missed. Happily, he had been to confession on Friday evening and was apparently praying his rosary when he was found to have died. His funeral is on Thursday morning in Kansas City, MO.

  4. Joseph D'hippolito

    There’s no way the bishops believe this. All they’re doing is trying to save whatever micrograms of credibility they have left.

    They don’t believe this because Francis doesn’t believe it. If Francis did, he wouldn’t promote such people as Fr. Martin or Absp. Paglia.

    The bishops are nothing but self-seeking careerists. If Francis made Absp. Lefevbre look like Hans Kung, the bishops would follow unquestioningly.

    If you want to know what’s *really* happening in the Church, read these pieces I wrote:



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