Athanasius Contra Franciscum, Or: The Prospects Of Nuclear War

And as yours truly had already noticed, the cannonade against heresy is going on unabated. The Pollyannas can happily keep dreaming. All the others know the object of this brutal verbal attack is… the one by whom the buck stops, the one who made the mess possible, and the one who was most certainly behind the Synod.

This time, it is Bishop Athanasius Schneider who takes it on himself to fire from all the cannons at his disposal. We are accustomed to clear words from him; but this time, his words are of unheard-of brutality. Clearly, this one is not a Jesuit.

Bishop Schneider attacks the mentality of the entire midterm Relatio in terms I have never heard before in a prelate criticising a church document, even if a provisional one. To call a Vatican document representative of a

radical Neo-pagan ideology

is very probably the worst conceivable offence any prelate can make to any church document, or churchman who is directly or indirectly behind it (yes: it means Jorge Bergoglio). This is not even heresy, says the Bishop. This is not even recognisable as Christianity anymore! How can TMAHICH read these words and not understand what awaits him if he tries to put a very stupid foot on the gas pedal of heresy?

The rest of the interview is also worth reading. The mention that this document will go down as a huge shame in the history of the Church is also very notable. The main point that I want to make, here, is that this brave man of God has said – for everyone who has ears to hear – that the Unholy Father is trying to drive the Church on Her way to paganism. But he truly is on fire.

Do you want more? Read the interview on the link, because every line is a joy (and I can’t manage to make “copy and paste” work). You will also know what the bishop thinks of many of his colleagues. Refreshing…

Pay attention that you come to the “Pharisees” part. It’s truly good.

I can’t go on quoting. Read for yourself. It’s more, I would say, than a carpet bombing. It’s a nuclear device. It’s an open declaration of war to the pagans and atheists within the Church. It’s as tough as it gets.

This, my dear readers, is the right attitude. Crying heresy – Bishop Athanasius cries even worse than this – without half words, and stating very clearly what will happen if the Pope continues on his road to hell is the only way to maximise the chances of stopping the madman. At the same time, it is the best and most effective way to fight against Francis if the man were to put himself at the head of a heretical movement. He must be made to understand that an open confrontation would plunge the Church in a chaos that would have him as the first victim on day one: because even in his most drunken state this man most know his legacy will be doomed, and possibly his papacy with it, if he is mad enough to go on with his plan. He couldn’t remake the church if he were 40. But he is almost 80. He has no time to even try. And he knows the trying would mean an extremely high price to pay.

Which prompts the question of how exactly this man, who did not have the balls to risk a probable nuclear explosion some weeks ago, should choose, next year, to steer an inevitable one. Whatever could not be “achieved” in October 2014 will be, it is now clear, far more difficult in October 2015. How Francis could have in October 2015 the courage then that he did not have in October 2014 is, frankly, beyond me.

Still, we can ‘t lower our guard. If a huge mess and a split between Catholics and Neo-Pagans is to be avoided, then the only way to do so is to do what more and more prestigious prelates are doing; and thus either isolate and neutralise as far as possible the Neo-Pagans, or expose them as such and let every soi-disant Catholic decide where to put the stakes of his own salvation: the truth of all times, or a dope pope of 32 months.

This reminds me of the Cuban Crisis. Khrushchev-Francis may well threaten the one-side Nuclear conflict, but on the other side there are many Kennedys ready to react with all-out nuclear war.

Pay attention, Oh So Humble Kriuschev”. You will not get away with just threatening. If you really want it, it will be nuclear war. But it will kill your papacy first.




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  1. Excellent post Mundabor. I was not surprised at all by the courage and frankness of Bishop Athanasius. He is a true and courageous defender of the faith. I also read this interview on Life Site Catholic news. Also on this site is a petition to thank Cardinal Burke which I signed the petition and would encourage others to show their personal appreciation to him in the fight to protect and defend our Faith.


    George Brenner

  2. DAMN

    Nowhere to kneel
    No Tabernacles
    No candle red
    The Faith in shackles

    Deathly white
    More closed Churches
    Souls take flight

    That’s WHAT they want
    That is their plan
    Then mock, “You dis –
    obedient man!”

    But in the depths
    Of doctrine deep
    Sails the Ship
    That will not sleep

    Full of disobedient
    Obeying Christ
    In Priests that keep

    The Barque of Peter
    On its course
    Though her bowels be bricked
    By a sinister source

    Then damn the torpedoes
    Will blast through the block
    Full speed ahead

    No sepulchre whites
    Only seas of gold Masses
    Steered by an Archbishop’s Peres!

  3. Calling it ‘paganism’ is misleading. The Ancient Romans, Germanic Tribes, Gauls etc were all pagans… and what they had is far closer to traditional RC than anything happening now.

    This is more like evangelical-Protestantism and just a humiliating submission to enemy forces.

  4. indignusfamulus

    Dear Mundabor,
    Thanks for the link. It’s been 55 years since we’ve heard our Bishops speak like this.
    — When we read this one at RC, we expected to see you name as the author.

    But for the fact that TMAHICH isn’t mentioned in it, 🙂 it reflects the same hatred for man-centered error, and passion for focus on God and Faith which we appreciate in much of your work for the Church. Great stuff.
    Favorite quotes:
    “Despite all this talk of a prophetic Church, true prophecy is missing: From worldly clergy you won’t hear – these words anymore that resounded faithfully at all times and seasons of the Christian life and particularly in moments of hardship and affliction: “Dear brothers and sisters, this suffering, this calamity, this crisis is a call for us to return to God, so that nothing worse happens to us!” .. let’s do penance and turn once more to His commandments.”
    “…the worldly priests will never say this. They will never say it because they have espoused the old socialist revolutions or the new bourgeois, liberal ones.
    “disciples of these “dull-witted witnesses” have made it to the top of the highest levels in the hierarchy.”
    Some will say that this is spiritual terrorism, that also the just man suffers and the Cross is not always a consequence of personal sin. This is true.
    … but the just man called to carry a heavy Cross does so in reparation for the sin of all the people, and so this takes nothing away from the truth that calamities are connected to sin, but rather confirms it.”
    God Bless, and never give up.

    • Some wonderful guest articles on Rorate Caeli recently.
      When you say “(and thanks for the compliment) that I could be thought the author of one of them, it means that the tones are getting stronger. And they are getting stronger not only in the usual suspects like myself, but in priests and bishops and cardinals.

      I do not know whether Francis thought, when he caved in at the Synod, that he would swallow the orthodox bishops whole in the next twelve months. But if he did, I am pretty sure he has changed his mind now, because for every intervention that reaches the internet or the press he certainly receives ten signals from other prelates.

      Things have gone too far.


  5. I do not believe this pope has any fear at all of a nuclear option because he has his own nuclear option. As you point out, time is short so Jorge is going to act fast. He will push his agenda even harder after the appropriate purge. If he is backed into the corner he will simply light the fuse and go nuclear himself in an attempt to make the whole church desolate (this might explain the vision of the third secret as it was relayed by Pope Paul II). This pope is wicked and a diabolical agent of perdition his going out will not be unlike Hitler’s, Jim Jones, David Koresh ect.

    • That might be true. But in this case, the explosion would destroy what he loves most: to be an icon of our times. He would become the icon of atheists and faggots, and the most disgraceful Pope in history.

      If this is the plan, the Synod was the time. But he did not have the guts at the Synod, so I think he is a paper tiger.


  6. I’ve been following Bishop Schneider for a few years now. He is a true (and thus, very rare) holy leader of the Church. His two small books on the Eucharist are simple, true and inescapably elegant and eloquent – I gave copies to all who would take them, including some seminarians. I was also privileged to attend Holy Mass offered by him on two occasions as well as a lecture on the Eucharistic sacrilege and its catastrophic effects across the Church.

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