Environ-Mentalism: “First Things” Blog Goes All Mundabor On Pope Francis

What the .. frack?

What the .. frack?


On the “mainstream” blog “First Things” there is an excellent article from a Maureen Mullarkey about the latest blunder of The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) and, expanding from that, the clownesque, stupid, socialist, godless, self-centred boundless egotism of the man. Follow the link as long as you can. Kudos to Rorate for making us aware of the article.

In case the blog post be taken down, below are some of the pearls. Emphases mine.

Handwriting has been on the wall along the Viale Vaticano from the get-go. At the beginning of his pontificate, Francis revealed himself to be fastidiously attuned to image. He refused to give communion in public ceremonies lest he be photographed giving the sacrament to the wrong kind of sinner. So, when he agreed to pose between two well-known environmental activists and brandish an anti-fracking T-shirt, we believed what we saw.

It was a portentous image. Press toads hopped to their keyboards to correct the evidence of our lying eyes. Francis was neither for nor against fracking, you see. Nothing of the sort. He was simply using a photo-op to assert blameless solidarity with the victims of ecological injustice. (Both a decisive definition of such injustice and its particular victims went unspecified.)

If that restyling were true, then the more fool Francis. But Francis is not a fool. He is an ideologue and a meddlesome egoist. His clumsy intrusion into the Middle East and covert collusion with Obama over Cuba makes that clear. Megalomania sends him galloping into geopolitical—and now meteorological—thickets, sacralizing politics and bending theology to premature, intemperate policy endorsements.

Francis serves an environmentalist mindset that, unlike the traditional ethos of conservation, views man as a parasite (Western man in Francis’ marxisant variant) and understands wealth in pre-modern terms as a zero-sum game. It discards the West’s great discovery—realization that wealth can be created. The endgame is transfer of wealth from productive nations to unproductive ones.

Orthodox environmentalism resents human sovereignty over the earth we inhabit. It begrudges ingenuity in the transactions we invent with nature and with each other. Its radical form, which beckons Francis and Vatican academics, is atavistic, even animist. Discount the gospel gloss. What matters is the spectacle of the Church imitating the world by justifying political agendas based on still-contended data and half-baked Gramscian dogma.

First Thing is a “mainstream” Catholic presence, with all the problems of the case. The author of the blog post indicates an emerging trend: more and more of those who have been very reserved, or shall we say innocuous, towards Francis are losing patience in front of continuous provocations, of the obscene show of a man revealing himself more and more as clearly obsessed with his own persona, and utterly subversive in his own way of thinking and acting. I add to this an evident childishness in radicalising his rhetoric as his bogus science and economics (let alone theology) are criticised more and more widely.

It’s getting far too much even for the mainstream; far, far too much, and there are voices who say this loud and clear.

Enough. Enough. Enough.

Ideologue. Meddlesome egotist. Megalomaniac. Theology bender. Gramscian dogmatist.

Yep. Maureen Mullarkey got it about right.



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  1. I suspect he also avoids giving Communion like the did as an Archbishop is perhaps to conceal his fervent Modernism. He wants his Catholic enemies divided.

  2. (Western man in Francis’ marxisant variant) Lol.

    I think the Pope looks quite ill in the photo, like he hasn’t slept for days. He doesn’t look happy in the photo though.

    Well, at least Benedict’s pontificate criticised that environmentalist’s dream of a film, Avatar.

    Have you see this Mundabor, it’s on MSN news. Hollywood article complete with the “If someone is gay…” quote at the end. I seem to recall Brad Pitt saying that he and Jolie wouldn’t marry unless gay marriage was legal in every US state…


  3. What he could do, needs to do, and must do before much more time passes, is to condemn, explicitly & with the full weight of the authority of his office, the death-cult known as Islam. Otherwise he is going to have the blood of its victims on his hands. If that reasoning is cogent enough for lawmakers to be denied the Eucharist in the USA, it must be equally valid & cogent when applied to the Pope. If they are murderers for not opposing abortion, what is a bishop who does not oppose or even rebuke this anti-Christian & murderous religion ?

    What are Catholics to do when the Papacy becomes anti-Catholic ?

  4. Diabolical disorientation is an understatement. He ought to be railing against apostasy, heresy, sacrilege, widespread sexual perversion, adultery, fornication and the systematic, legalised killing of the innocent, defenceless, and killing of oneself – and the failure of the college of bishops to teach the content of the Faith and the moral law.

  5. I read this article several days ago. Already the knee-jerk, ass-kissing Francisphiles are howling about this dead on masterpiece. Mark Shea’s whining about it is pathetic. He’s wondering, (along with several others) what has happened to First Things. The answer is simple my Seattle Seer, First Things has grown a pair that you never had!

  6. For more of the Francis effect read what the bishop of Tampa, Florida has to say about same sex marriage! Enough to make you retch. He cites the attitude of Pope and the past Synod. When will the madness end?

  7. Anyone catch his Casa Marta homily today? More bashing of “religious narcissists,” i.e., Catholics, who are “closed off” “in their parishes, their communities, their homes.” They are, somehow, like the apostles who were frightened with Jesus walked on the water??

    What is this man talking about? Does he even know. He can hardly open his mouth without a torrent of insults coming out.

  8. The Pope has no problem “proselytising ” when it comes to evil ideologies and immoral ways of life. Lord, have mercy.

  9. Even Shea at Little Green Catholics has changed at bit. Not quite so many exclamations of how much he Luuuuuuuuuuvs this guy, and he’s recycling old arguments. Now he’s back to “We have to wait and see,” when it comes to this encyclical. Just like in the first months of Pope Bitchy’s pontificate, when all we heard was “It’s too early to tell. We just don’t know. We have to wait and see. He’s only been pope ___ months, give him a chance to settle into the job.” And then, that argument just sort of faded away. We waited, we gave him time, it was no longer too early to tell, but somehow none of the Argentine Fiasco’s supporters ever announced, “NOW we can decide.” They just omitted part two of their recommendations and hoped that no one would mention it, pretty much on the grounds that “possession is 9/10ths of the law” and now Bitchy was a fait accompli.

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