The Concert In Francis Park

Simon & Garfunkel's numbers were dwarfed. The Vatican was extremely satisfied.

Simon & Garfunkel’s numbers were dwarfed. The Vatican was extremely satisfied.


The world is becoming more stupid by the hour.

We are now informed there were estimated 6 million people at the Francis’ “mass” in the Philippines. This will certainly go in the Guinness Book of Records. 

Mission accomplished, then.

Do people really still understand what a Mass is? How can there be a “6 million people Mass”? In what are these six million doing anything different from looking at a Wimbledon tennis match from the screens outside? If I see a televised ceremony of something happening, say, one km away from me, how am I participating?   Should the Mass not consist in the devout following of the proceedings; the kneeling in front of the Tabernacle when we get in and out; the kneeling at the rail when we receive; the obvious, blatant, physical fact that we have been there? Of course a Mass does not have to be in a church (an army in the field cannot carry a church with it), but should there not be an obvious, physical link, a being there, and being there devoutly, in a devout Mass setting?

If a new King is enthroned in England and everyone is on the street when the event is televised from Buckingham Palace, were they there? Those in Trafalgar Square, were they there? What about those in Leicester Square, or in Piccadilly Circus?

What is becoming of us? Is the search of emotions, numbers, records, “success”, euthanising common sense? Was there an army of priests and deacons distributing communions as if they were confetti? How do you distribute the vast number of communion wafers devoutly, and avoiding sacrilege? And those who receive, have they been there? Isn’t the old bed-ridden lady living near St Peter in Rome, and assisting to the televised mass, nearer? Was she there, then? 

I am not interested in whether those who were there (better: who were not there) have participated to the mass from the point of view of canon law. I am interested in what this kind of emotional PR mass-exercise does to the very perception of the Mass. The Mass is reduced to a mass happening, an adunata oceanica of Fascist memory, a Nuremberg Reichsparteitag, in which the grandeur is everything, and the reverence is largely lost. Can you imagine the noise, chatting, giggling, smart-phoning, tweeting, laughing, eating, drinking, and flirting during a “mass” with 6 million “attending”? What kind of Mass is this?

Oh, but it was a big number! So what? Numbers are, nowadays, not an indication of anything. Every trannie singer with a beard can mobilise huge masses. *People want to feel in the middle of things*, and they never had it so easy to do so. It’s all about *them*. A Celebrity is there. There were three days without work. The famous person arrives, and you want to say “I was there”. It happened to be the Pope. It could have been any other person famous enough to stimulate this desire to say they were there. The masses are a huge herd of dumb oxes; they are no indication of greatness whatsoever.

Millions of people wear Che Guevara t-shirts. Few even know who he was.

So, six million people in Manila believe in Transubstantiation? Six million people believe contraception evil? Six million people are orthodox, devout Catholics? Don’t make me laugh.

It was an exciting day with a celebrity in town, and something to tell.

This was the Concert in Central Park all over again, with the main star all dressed in white.

Can’t imagine the flood of tweets to show one was there. I am terrified of thinking how communion was distributed, or received. No, let me rephrase it. I am terrified, full stop. 

Most of our ancestors would not recognise this mess as Mass. Not because they did not know the technology, but because they did know the Mass.

This is an open-air televised ceremony with the big celebrity; perhaps not in the law, but certainly in the substance.

Wait for mass attendance in the Philippines to be stable or in further decline, as the Catholic press gets all excited about the “life changing experience” of Manolo, who next Sunday will prefer to play football, and Conchita, who just couldn’t afford not to be there and send tweets everywhere.  

We are getting mad.


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  1. A friend in an American diocese where JPII celebrated one of these mass-Masses told me of the dozens of plastic garbage bags of leftover consecrated Hosts, and the desperate effort to squeeze them into every cubic inch of every tabernacle in the diocese. Also, of the countless consecrated Hosts ground into the mud by the milling throng of Youth.

    • “..of the countless consecrated Hosts ground into the mud by the milling throng of Youth”.

      I seriously want to cry now.

      Satanical. Jesuitical.


  2. I do not watch this pope because I find it too depressing, so I may have missed it – but my question is, does he ever raise his hand, make the sign of the cross and bless people or just wave and make gestures of some sort or other?

  3. indignusfamulus

    Dear M,
    –This stuff gets us mad. We share your disdain for it, and for the Youth-day fiasco’s that fostered the Papal Rock-star image. Interviews we recall with teens at the one in Paris, in ’97, revealed ready-admissions of regular, unabashed co-habitation, contraception use and general unconcern for all other Church teachings. Why were they there then, the reported asked? “Because this Pope is a “really cool guy!”
    –In the Philippines, while Francis’ pilot urged leaving earlier due to a coming tropical storm’s predicted high winds, Francis “insisted on holding the Mass at the airport in Tacloban City instead of holding it inside a cathedral or tent” that his hosts had put up. “Absolutely no. It is impossible,” Lombardi quoted him. “Where are the people? The people are on the ground. They’re out. We have to be with them and celebrate with them.” So he insisted on using the open Pope-mobile, and donning over his vestments the same inefficient, yellow rain poncho they handed out to the crowds, getting soaked to show his solidarity with their misery.
    –The pilot’ concerns proved valid. Wind gusts in Tacloban were so strong that they knocked one of the large loudspeakers mounted for the Mass off its platform, hitting a 27 year old Catholic Relief worker, Kristel Mae Padasas, who died at the hospital a couple of hours later. (May her soul rest in peace) – “Francis was informed of the death and asked his aides to investigate, find out her name, and how he might share in the family’s grief” said Lombardi.
    –On a non-lethal but related issue, one “Telegraph” reporter, responding prior to the papal visit to the order that went out for all 2,000 Philippino traffic cops to wear disposable diapers so they wouldn’t have to stop to relieve themselves, creating traffic jams during the Pope’s visit, and from the Church suggesting the crowds, and clergy attending shoudl all do likewise:
    –“If the Philippines doesn`t have enough portable lavatories for the huge crowds expected, and the logistical challenge is just too great, the Third World country should never have
    invited the Pope. The traffic cops in the Philippines will ba a laughing stock not only in the Philippines but in the entire world. How are citizens supposed to take them seriously when they have droopy drawers and stink to high heaven?”
    “…millions of diaper-clad Catholics making a pilgrimage to see the pontiff is an abomination… Even priests and nuns are advised to wear diapers, cardinals wearing silly hats is one thing, but clerics wearing diapers is a horse of a different color. I admire Pope Francis, but this trip to the Philippines is really a crappy idea, and I hope he cancels it.”
    Apparently the Pope viewed it as caring too much about the people’s sufferings, to do something so selfish as that. We wonder if the Padasas family will continue, in the months and years to come, to view it as “worth the sacrifice”, as Kristel;s father told Pope Francis on Sunday when he was received by him at the Apostolic Nunciature , and given a rosary.

  4. I watched it live on EWTN you would have been horrified how Communion wafers (I can’t believe in the circumstances they really could be validly consecrated) were being relayed by attendees from front to back, hand to hand to hand to hand because there was no way people could get near the ministers. They really should call a halt to these mass Masses!

  5. Hello darkness, my old friend…

  6. As you’ve written, this mass attendance remind “le adunate oceaniche” in Venezia Square, which used to be condemned bt the Catholic clergy then and until some years ago, at least in Italy.
    And now !
    6 millions, magic number, 6, not 5 or 7, but 6. How were they able to count them ?

  7. How were they able to count all 6 millions ?
    6, not 5.5 or 6.7. No, just the magic number 6 !

  8. indignusfamulus

    Dear M,
    We left a comment on Deus Ex Machina about the adulation TMAHICH is getting–like 6-7million Philippinos thinking it worth it to brave a storm, hunger, and no bathrooms just to get a glimpse of him, while not worrying about the Eucharist being passed over their shoulders at his Mass. Which one is their Lord? We found they’re already making statues of their idol, like this one, which celebrates his taking OFF the red shoes, and giving them to a homeless man:

  9. As is normal for you: clear, concise and direct in-your-face-commentary. Thank you.

    It was really no different in the Philippines than at the US-Mexico border, passing the Blessed Eucharist through the fence – the only difference was the greater numbers of peoples and the far greater numbers of probable sacrileges.

    How long, O Lord, can your Hand be stayed, as you are buffeted and passed around like gummy-bears?

  10. The papal Masses are turning into events akin to the Olympics and the World Cup where each country tries to outdo the previous one in vulgar spectacle. And what happens – again – is desecration of the Host, this time being passed from hand to hand by the crowd.

  11. Sick. Diabolic. Please come, oh Lord! Let Your Will be done. Reparation.

  12. . . . and then the rumours of another Ecumenical Council. At least such would make the Great Apostasy manifest and perhaps more easily opposed by the few remaining bishops and priests that are true to the Faith and the moral life.

  13. Whilst I agree with most of what you say, and applaud you for your intelligence and clear expression of the faith, I must pick you up on that ‘new king elected’ in England.
    Our monarchs are appointed by God – in the sense that, thank God, nobody elects them.

    • You are right. I should have said “enthroned”. but as in Englad the Privy Council has to decide whether one is fit to be the Sovereign and offer him or her the crown, I can’t avoid thinking of them as being, in a way, “picked” or at least “accepted”.
      This, if I understand your post correctly.

  14. No.
    I’m not aware of the Privy Council having to approve a monarch.
    ‘The king is dead; long live the king!’ expresses the seamless transition, with no lacuna, from one holder of the crown to the next.

    Much better than ‘democracy’.

    • I have researched a bit, and I stand corrected.

      Whilst the Privy Council is the organ that organises the formalities for the succession, “neither the identity of the next monarch nor their accession to the throne depends on it”. (Wikipedia).


  15. I was at Toronto World Youth Day in 2003(?). I personally saw no particular abuses at the Communion as happened elsewhere, but that’s not to say they didn’t occur as 750 000 attended the Sunday Mass.
    I would like to relate a contrasting weather event to the one in the Philippines.
    At this same event, just before Pope John Paul II started Mass, it was raining hard and was overcast. As he commenced the Mass, a strong wind came up and in minutes the sky cleared as the rainclouds moved south over Lake Ontario. I saw the same thing occur at an outdoor Mass celebrating the Divine Mercy just before our then Cardinal Ambrozic started Mass. My question for thought is: Why wasn’t there such a so-called dramatic change in bad weather for Francis? (Level of difficulty of this question is 0 in a scale of 1 – 10 .)

  16. Mundabor
    A friend in Manilla-a protestant sorry for that but he is my mate(Aussie context not the Fry one),said they had public holidays for TMAHICH visiting. He also has issues with Filipino Catholics throwing stones at him and his church ,but what is worse is the clericalism of the protestant clergy he has to work with. I did say become a catholic but then he would have Filipino catholic clericalism to contend with .

    • Explain to your friends that sound Catholicism refuses clericalism. If he decides to become a Catholic he should accept the challenge with a fighting spirit. It should certainly not be a reason to avoid conversion.
      I think in time, these concept “sink in” even if they may appear strange at the beginning.

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