Hello, Rabbits!

Bob Cratchit And Tiny Tim. In Francis' parlance: Papa Rabbit and Tiny Rabbit.

Bob Cratchit And Tiny Tim. In Francis’ parlance: Papa Rabbit and Tiny Rabbit.


I have always thought that a child was a blessing, and a gift from the Lord. Always.

I thought that every time that a new child was announced, the Christian* parents welcomed him in their life as a special gift of God.

I also thought that in general, the Lord would provide for the challenges that a large family unavoidably creates; bestowing at the same time rich blessings (not necessarily of financial nature) on the family that accepts them in gratitude, and lives in fear of the Lord and in serene confidence in the work of Providence.

I have also – and I will stop here – always thought that in those cases where a child could partout not be nourished by his family, Christian Charity would take care of the little creature; either with public orphanages – of which all Catholic countries have been rich for a long time – or with the even more ancient religious structures created for the purpose; structures which, traditionally, have never refused to accept a baby; unconditionally, and no question asked, as the beautiful institution of the Wheel abundantly demonstrates.

Why did the former generations do this? Because every child is a very special gift of God. An immortal soul, put on earth so that he may, with God’s grace, merit heaven. A soul more valuable than all the planets together because, other than them, made to live forever.

This is what I thought. I might, of course, have been wrong all the time. But I do not really think I am. I know many, many examples of numerous families whose members lived in simple circumstances, but surrounded with blessings no Mercedes and no luxury holiday will ever give. I know even more cases of fathers thinking, on first hearing the news, “what will we do?”, and never looking back after a life of rich blessings.

Therefore, it does sound strange to me when a Bishop of Rome, of all people, refers to the obvious blessing of many children as “breeding like rabbits”; an expression which, literally, was uttered with the words “be like rabbits” because of linguistic peculiarities,  but which undoubtedly means and conveys the sense of “breeding like rabbits” in proper English. And yes, Francis might have tried to downplay the brutality of his mouth afterwards; but this is the kind of bomb that will stick, and he knows it very well. This is one who will never miss an occasion to let you know how secular he is.

There is, I would have thought, something extremely disquieting in a Pope which, whilst he laments the disappearance of the big families of yore – I am sure I have read statements of the sort – at the same time expresses himself in such a stupid, demeaning way concerning the very miracle of human birth.

I am sure the Bishop of Rome did not want to say, with his unintelligent words, that it is per se wrong to have many children; what I think he wanted to do is to lament the birth of children who then cause the family to live in poverty; which is extremely strange in a Pope otherwise so fond of poverty, and considering it (not the children, evidently) the well of so many blessings.

The Clown Pope has made at least two very big mistakes here:

1) He has devalued the miracle of human birth, which he sees under a pure sociological perspective. That every birth is a gift from God and a great miracle, he is just unable to see. When he thinks of children, he is reminded of rabbits. I do not hesitate in calling this the same mentality that gave us abortion.

2) He has lost a wonderful occasion to push for a beautiful – when properly implemented – institution of the past: orphanages. The answer for a child that cannot be maintained by his parents – or by his single parent – lies in Christian Charity, not in seeing the baby in any way, shape or form as surplus to requirement. No baby is ever surplus to requirement. Every baby is God’s requirement.

Besides the point already made of the value of every human life, entire continents are depopulating, and it is no less than astonishing that the very Head of Catholicism would think that there can be – and I cannot find any other way of saying this – only one birth too much.

But then again, this is the Environ-Mentalist. The man who thinks man is about to destroy Creation. It is obvious to him there is a need for less babies to be born; because hey, God has gifted some with too many children; or rather, some have made more children than it is fitting, and pleasing to God.


More in general, it is surprising to me how Francis seems not to get that every single child is there because God wanted him just there; providentially born in exactly those circumstances, age, family, and Country in which God wanted him. Born to be happy with Him forever one day, and to be His gift in the meantime. Does Francis believe that even one illegitimate child was born, so to speak, cheating God into his existence? Does he think that mere humans, not God, create the providential circumstances in which God, not men, decide that a child will be born? A child can be born out of sinfulness, but a blessing and God’s gift he still is. A child can be born from an extremely poor family, but a blessing and God’s gift he still is. A child can be, in extreme circumstances, even be beyond his family’s ability to feed and raise him, but he is still God gift, still a miracle of God’s grace, never, never one one child too much!

The comparison with a litter of rabbits is, therefore, more than stupid. It is secular. It is the way Lenin would see such things.

Bob Cratchit got all this all right. He got all this because he was a Christian, and did not even need to reflect on these things.

Francis The Castroite doesn’t get it at all.


* to the heathens and libtards, Obama’s “punished with a baby” rather applies…

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  1. This utterance by the bishop of Rome I found especially loathsome. It’s another wretched soundbyte that will be repeated by environmental secularists the world over. So crass , so brutal and insulting to all large families. In a way he gives a wink and a nod to contraceptors, implying that they are not irresponsible like those human breeders and though their practice is against teaching, merciful confessors will be ever-so-understanding. So insulting to parents of adopted children as well. So UNCATHOLIC.

    Your reflection on this is so beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Mundy: Just read on a comment section that the Pope cited 3 children as the number we should be having…posted at Vatican Insider. Holy Mother of God have mercy on us! God bless~

  3. Not a few Catholics comment on Italian blogs that we have not seen the worst of Francis yet.
    But what could be worse than this ? An encyclical explaining us how humankind is the scourge of Goddess Earth ?

    • One wonders.
      Porn festival at the Vatican?
      Tango Mass as part of the liturgy?
      “Gay pride” parade with the Pope marching at the head?
      Third Vatican Council?
      140 Cardinals?

  4. Really, Mundabor? Have you always thought that a child was a blessing, a gift, a treasure?
    Oh! (deep contempt and condescension) That’s because you’ve always been a poor.

    • Yeah.
      I am supposed to be blessed as poor. But then I am supposed not to be poor.
      I am supposed to change my outlook on life according to Francis’ mood.

  5. Thank you very much, Mr. Mundabar. Your treatment of this topic is superb and I am grateful. I was quite distraught when I read that quotation yesterday from Pope Francis’ interview. I cannot imagine any previous Pope using such ugly language in connection with Catholic life, or any life for that matter. Thank you again for your work.

  6. Sorry, Mr. Mundabor, for misspelling your name in my post a few minutes ago, but it provides the excuse to include one more point of gratitude for your above article, i.e., the comments regarding orphanages. No one seems to understand any more the value of these institutions and the dedication of the good Sisters who ran them. My grandmother was raised in the New York City Catholic orphanage system from 1898 to 1914. She was kindly treated by the sisters who ran it, received an excellent education and became a first class cook. After 2 years of nurses’ training, she went on to take care of the wounded returning from the Great War. She remembered the Sisters who raised her fondly for the rest of her life.

    • Many thanks.
      Coming from Italy, I can make other examples like your beautiful one, even applying to people of my age.
      In Italy, orphanages very generally respected and considered a good place for a child to grow in, if the circumstances did not allow otherwise. The huge orphanages built before and particularly during Fascism witness a respect for life that puts our generation to shame.

  7. This Pope seems to be out of his depths and not filled with the Holy Spirit. As a Catholic Priest, as a teacher of all things Catholic, as a ‘wise leader’ he seems to fail on all accounts. Most bewildering that such a creature was / is roaming around within the hierarchy of the Church!

  8. This Pope causes brain damage1 Because when he opens his trap and says another stupid thing, you want to bang your head against the wall in sheer frustration!

  9. Thank you, M. We’re thinking of getting the bumpersticker made… something like, “Irresponsible rabbit breeders.”

    Seriously, though, you were much too kind. My first thoughts about his statements were such that couldn’t be said aloud in front of my children.

    • He is the Bishop of Rome, you see.
      What I think of him is not fit for publication.
      But I think every bit of it, and it is a challenge not to let it out.

  10. Seems far less keen on rabbits than on rabbis.

  11. Thank you for this.

    Powerfully written and conveying the true Catholic perspective on marriage, parenthood, children, self sacrifice and trust in God’s Providential care of all those He calls and who respond in simple faith to the graces He offers.

    This article reminded me of what my Irish mother and my Jewish father (he converted from Orthodox Judaism) would say and live by. May they rest in peace.

    This called to mind G. K. Chesterton’s great observation: ‘Democracy of the Dead’

    “Tradition means giving a vote to most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about. All democrats object to men being disqualified by the accident of birth; tradition objects to their being disqualified by the accident of death. Democracy tells us not to neglect a good man’s opinion, even if he is our groom; tradition asks us not to neglect a good man’s opinion, even if he is our father.”

    Long live the faith of our forefathers. There is, after all is said and done, no other way.

    Btw, I have been most savagely and violently attacked on Fishwrap and its sister for expressing affection and regard for both you and your views.

  12. Pope Francis has become known for his insults. He has put thought into insulting those who try hard to live a Catholic family life. Next thing he will say God does not exist. Oh….

  13. Today the media publicized the Pope’s inelegant and insulting declaration that Catholics are not required to “breed like rabbits” and it is IRRESPONSIBLE for them to do so. As you point out, there is something jarring in a Bishop of Rome criticizing parents for having children. Thank you for your defense of the value of each human life and the sacrifices parents make for their children, and for pointing out–as Mother Teresa did–that there can never be “one child too much” in God’s creation.

    The blog “Bare Naked Islam” also mentioned “rabbits” in a January 20 post entitled, “MASS MUSLIM IMMIGRATION of men who often have multiple wives who breed like rabbits is behind the rapidly growing danger of Islam in Europe.” (

    If Catholics and other Westerners had large families, their children would be a counterbalance to the growing Muslim population in Europe and the US.

    On a lighter note, perhaps Francis dresses in white and has prominent upper incisors because he has another identity in addition to being Bishop of Rome: Could he be the White Rabbit, released from “Alice in Wonderland” to guide those who are in touch with faith and reason into the land of illusion and fantasy?

  14. Aside from that, his remark that a mother becoming pregnant after having given birth to seven children by caesarian section was tempting God is as insulting to the mother who, respecting natural law and Divine Providence, accepts what God decides to send her, as well as an insult to God Himself. To this Pope, a martyr is probably a person who has tempted God for his faith.

    • One might say that he wanted to mean that she should not have had sexual intercourse in the first place, I can’t imagine he is even remotely suggesting to her not to accept the pregnancy.

      But this idea that there is a pregnancy and he says.. “hmmm, this is not good… this is tempting God!” is just absurdly stupidly worldly.

  15. From God’s people to Rabbits. there we go.

  16. Considering the number of people mothers he must have insulted let hope they dont follow the Pope’s own advice or he should be expecting to take a lot of punches in the face.

  17. Bishop (“don’t call me Pope”) Francis has said we shouldn’t insult other people’s religious views.

    Unless, of course, they are conservative/traditional Catholics.

  18. Rabbits…enough to make you hopping mad.
    Perhaps one of your finest reflections,sir.

  19. It’s another backhanded insult aimed at traditional Catholics. Those communities are where you see the large Catholic families.

  20. Yes, Mundabor. Francis “the poor one” always seems to place economic issues first.

  21. Yes true, I am waiting for the day he says there is no God.

  22. Dear Mundabor, Would you please add the tag “Rabbitgate” to this post? It would make it easier to find–I had to search hard to find it today.

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