Look, Mom! No Hands!


Come, come, Alisha… let me see your hands!

Read on Jihad Watch about the women who had their hands (notice the “s” at the end; it means “both of them”) chopped off for some offence which was certainly not adultery, and might well have been (though the article does not confirm it as I write) the horrible, horrible crime of the use of a mobile phone.

Ah, the religion of peace! Always full of surprises…

It is not known how the husbands of the women reacted, seen as having a wife without hands around the house might be something of an inconvenience. On the other hand, the solution for the husband could be very easy: kick the woman on the street, and that was that. Divorce, Mohammed way.

I am trying to be sorry for the women; the treatment they received certainly goes against every sense of humanity, and should inspire compassion in us. At the same time, I cannot but wonder whether these women supported the ISIS in their heart, and approved of the local state of affair; in that not improbable case, I have great difficulties in seeing in the women the victims, rather the accomplices. You do not empathise much with gangsters killed by other gangster, either.

Go on, ladies! Enjoy the religion of peace!

Mohammed will always be with you, ready to give you a hand; or two, as the case may be.


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  1. I wonder if it’s more likely that these women are among the conquered inhabitants of Mosul rather than those who have willingly embraced ISIS and who have posted approved multiple “selfies” lauding life with the Satanic hordes.

  2. Satan has a stronghold in the region and has despoiled millions of souls since the 6th century. From cradle to grave there is degradation. I weep for the children brought up in such moral squalor. I weep for the infants and children who have mothers with no hands. We must pray before the Blessed Sacrament for an end to Islam.

  3. Now this is going to sound very harsh, but here goes. First, did the woman know use of a cell phone could cause punishment? That’s presuming her crime was use of it. Second, why did she go against the rules? If you know you will be stoned if you are an adulterer should you be seen as a victim of stoning if you are caught? Yes, it is a harsh punishment, but if you are a Muslim why the whine?
    I guess my point is this: we must always abhor violence against the innocent. It’s kind of like this: if I’m a faithful Catholic and I disobey the rules am I guilty? and do I get the punishment promised? You bet.
    Again, this is not to blame the victim, just wanting to understand the response of those in the West – there is no surprise here.

    • This episode is where the savagery of Islam meets the stupidity of average Muslims.
      It’s very easy to imagine what happened. The IS threat the population with hands chopping, many comply, many don’t. At some points some hands get really chopped off. Now everyone will comply. It is inconceivable that even the IS chop hands as they go a along. There must have been warnings.
      I bet the women weren’t relatives of IS commanders, though…

  4. The Koran was originally merely a manual on how to maltreat conquered non-Arabs as the arabic empire expanded. Md. was an invention of one of two ‘hopefuls’ for the position of supreme Arab leader decades after Md’s. supposed death. ‘Hey, hang on I should be leader because I have access to God’s will all handily written down by a dead guy called Md’. He lost but his victorious opponent could see the merit in the idea of having a book proving that God had given Arabs sole access to the truth and supporting them in any evil thing that entered their crazed minds. Welcome to the wonderful world of Islam.
    Muslims hate anyone pointing out that the earliest copies of the Mad Book are all different and that none was written during Md’s. lifetime. Western scholars are now denied access to early copies because the provable truth is too troubling for Muslims to contemplate. Their ‘scholars’ know that it is all just evil rot. Would someone tell Obama, Francis and all the other ‘religion of peace’ idiots that the koran was intended to provide a ‘free pass’ to barbarity and it is a gift that will keep on giving until we tell the Muslims what their ‘religion’ really is – a big, fat fraud.

  5. That may be one type of Muslim divorce. A friend who married and divorced a Muslim when he began mistreating their 15 year old daughter told me the other one is the kitchen fire, as in “Mrs. So-and-So died in a kitchen fire.” Providentially, she was living in the US when she divorced her husband. She had previously lived for years with him in two Islamic countries

    • I thought the “kitchen fire” was the standard Indian practice to get rid of widows after the suttee (throwing the widow on the funeral pier of the deceased husband) was forbidden.

      I see the practice took hold elsewhere, too.


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