Rosicology: Exploring “Irregular Couples” And Other Snippets

I wanted to do something merciful today, and link to all the recent articles of Vox Cantoris concerning father Rosica published recently. My idea is that if Father Rosica’s mind set is any good, he will certainly be pleased at the help I give him.

Turns out the author of the blog did it already himself, so no need for me to undergo the boring task. Please go there and browse at your leisure. Scroll around like it’s Rosica Day. The page is full of interesting snippets about a very, ahem, interesting – if not very Catholic – mind.

I have just noticed Vox Cantoris had almost 400,000 visits since January 2013. In the same period of time I had in excess of 2,600,000: so yes, if Mr Rosica’s ideas and general forma mentis are worth anything, the man will be grateful to me. Of course, Mr Rosica’s ideas and general forma mentis might, in fact, not be worth anything at all. But this, my dear readers, will be his fault entirely; and there is nothing Fogler Rubinoff, Barristers & Solicitors, can do about it.

If, however, Father Rosica is of the opinion that Father Rosica’s blasphemies, questionable statements and outright attacks on Catholic doctrine (see “irregular family” for all) are gravely damaging of the integrity and reputation of Father Rosica, he should seriously think about suing himself. I am sure that Fogler Rubinoff, Barristers & Solicitors, will be happy to comply, seen that Salty & Dark is headquartered in Canada.

As Vox Cantoris has already made all the work I invite other Catholic bloggers to repeat the operation and, by publishing the link above on their blog, contribute to the spreading of Mr Rosica, ahem, complex thinking. (Are you reading, Fogler Rubinoff, Barristers & Solicitors? All fine, no?)

If you, dear blogger, are afraid of receiving a nasty letter from (how was it? oh, yes…)  Messrs Fogler Rubinoff LLP, Barristers & Solicitors,  (boy, this sure looks expensive! How much money does Father Rosica make? Or does he pay in sermons about the “irregular” Holy Family?) have no fear: it’s in the blogosphere. Public domain. You are only directing to facts, if and as long as they are there.

Ah, the blogosphere.

Freedom at work.

Father Rosica notwithstanding.





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  1. TMIHICH = NO TEARS , EVER (off topic, but I couldn’t resist)/

  2. The attacks against anyone daring to point out modernists and their errors will continue. Fallen Man is restless; especially Modernist-men; restless, arrogant and willing to be depraved to get their own way or make a lie stick. The modernist wants to force everyone to relinquish what generations of Faithful have attained through the Grace of God, reaching all the way to the True Vine incarnate. The modernists, with their ‘unvintaged…wine-dark ocean of “make a mess”‘, are sons of Voltaire, not the Church. Fr Leen, who wrote, ‘Why the Cross?’ said it well: Europe [the protesting west] is a prodigal son that some centuries ago left the Father’s house, to enjoy untrammeled freedom of thought and will. It has fed on the husks of swine and finds itself devoured by a spiritual hunger, of which the material want from which it suffers is but a faint symbol.’

  3. When did priests start suing the faithful?

    • It’s not entirely new.
      In England there is a chap, Monsignor Basil Loftus, who has become a byword for it.
      You should have said “when did good priests start suing the faithful?” The answer would have been “never”.

    • It’s not entirely new.
      In England there is a chap, Monsignor Basil Loftus, who has become a byword for it.
      You should have said “when did good priests start suing the faithful?” The answer would have been “never”.

  4. Dear Sir,
    I do not correspond via email for various reasons.
    Please leave whatever matter of import in the combox.
    If you desire for me to cancel any of the content, I will promptly do it.
    You are in my prayers.

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