The “Filial Appeal”

I have, up to now, rather ignored the Filial Appeal.

I have done so out of the simple reason that it looked to me like an appeal to Stalin to end the purges, or to Hitler not to persecute the Jews.

It seems to me that, in principle, the criticism to Pope Francis must be made from a position of truth: “I know what you are aiming at, and I will oppose you as hard as I can”.

On the other hand, in practice the appeal gives another outlet to those who desire to express their own scandal at Pope Francis himself, but for some reason prefer not to say so openly. I think you should say so openly, but hey, each one is made his own way.

Therefore, the “Filial Appeal” is posted here as a quick reference for all those who should decide that it is opportune to sign it.

Personally, I will not do it, because I do not think Stalin would have been moved by an appeal to end the purges, and I will not credit Stalin with good qualities I know he does not have. But if you think it serves a purpose, go on.

The appeal has more than 100,000 signatures as I write this. Rick Santorum and Bishop Schneider are among the signatories.


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  1. HI:

    I think it was on your blog that the issue was raised about the married priesthood. Just in case you haven’t seen it, here is Rorate :

    Afterthought. No wonder Francis is throwing punches at the Catholic priesthood. He is trying to give everybody gifts, like communion for divorced, free marriage annulments, wives for to the priests. And real Catholic priests say, thanks but no thanks.

    What’s Francis to do?

    They must be imbalanced. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. While the Filial Appeal is not what you or many of the viewers on this site would have written, I think it is important because it unites those people who would stand behind Cardinals and Bishops who are in a position to ‘do this if you do that’…and the more variety of influential people and greater the numbers of ordinary folks, the better.

    • A very good reflection.
      If, however, these people would have the gut to “resist” when the time comes…
      Which I somewhat doubt, at least in many cases.

  3. I am seeing much confusion which is creating division among those who would be the resisters if they had a clear picture of the situation. The confused need to be accurately informed of the situation, learn the correct teachings of the Church including those regarding resisting and which clerics are the faithful ones and why. CMTV is viewed by the “would be resisters” and could be of great help to the “would be ” group if they could get the story straight and be critical of the Pope when need be. CMTV has a very young staff.
    My educated guess is that some of them grew up trusting and respecting bishops and cardinals who placate the pro-life activists but punish good priests who preach against the homosexual life style or withhold communion appropriately.

    • Sadly, CMTV encourages the “would be resisters” not to resist…
      They have started so well; then they went south when Francis’ pontificate began to tank…

  4. I have always been upfront about Pope Francis’s blatant and continual attacks on Faith and morals, whenever it was relevant to comment on the papal crisis. I signed the petition to the bishops to convene immediately and study the matter of heresy or apostasy on the Pope’s part and declare on it.

    However, I think there is some good in this petition for practical reasons as stated on Louie Verrechio’s blog about ten days ago:
    “All you say is true. But I signed the “petition” and circulated it, not because Catholics should have to petition the pope to uphold the doctrine of the Faith and the moral law, or because I think the pope or any of the opponents of the Faith, could care less, but so that we, Catholics, can stand together, in a thinly disguised protest at the attacks on the Faith and morals by the Holy See, and be a support and encouragement for one another as we see that we are not alone but a sizeable remnant.
    I don’t think many signing it will be so naive as to think this is how popes are made to conform to the Faith, or that the pope would be likely to change his opposition thereto, in response (though perhaps it would affect his tactics).
    I’m also familiar with the organisation that asked for my signature, and believe them to be a sound Catholic organisation. (That is what’s known as Tradition, Family, Property in the US, by other names in other countries. It’s a very small organisation in Ireland, but I support their work, and they have been on the streets getting signatures for this “petition”.)
    My initial reaction was yours – no, this is wrongheaded taking it at face value, for the obvious reasons. But when I thought more about it, I thought it would at least help p eople to encourage one another, to know how many we are, a way to unite, etc.
    I am glad to know that named people are standing together, in what is, effectively, a statement that conveys that we know the Faith, and we know what’s happened at the Synod, and other emanations of the Holy See is in contravention of the Faith, and we will not be silent.
    Maybe it’s dishonest, but I think it’s a fair way to protest to the pope at this stage, given the might of, and infiltration of the Church by Her enemies.”

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