New “Vatileak”, New Culprit

Allegory of the Vatican

Allegory of the Vatican


Sandro Magister has been deprived of the accreditation by the press office of the Holy See. Let’s spend two words on this.

1. Magister has not been “silenced”. He will still get all the information he needs, and will still write (pretty much) all that he wants. He will not be there “live” when Lombardi lombardises, is all.

2. Magister has leaked a draft, and he has said so. It is inconceivable that the press office of the Vatican woul dsay to journalist “we will let you have the right version of the encyclical, but for now here is the wrong one for you to familiarise with it”. No. This was a “classic” leak: internal source gives a journalist a document, which he then publishes. 

3. To publish leaked documents is what journalists do. It’s their damned job. Lombardi & Co. should care that there are no leaks in the first place, rather than crucifying a journalist for exposing their own incompetence.


4. To repeat: there was no breach of trust. Lombardi has obviously not broken any embargo. He has not been handed a document from the Vatican press office and has disobeyed the instructions related to it. He has done what journalists do: published a document leaked to him.

5. It is good that the draft was published. People with a tougher stomach than myself will confront the two versions and expose the small adjustments, in which the most obvious giveaways of the Nazi ideology behind this document were removed because… too openly Nazi.


6. The draft has been published in its entirety. If these people were a tad smart they would put codes in any of the draft copies – a praxis used for decades – to identify the owner of the leaked draft. I can’t imagine that at the Vatican they are so stupid that they don’t know this. I rather suspect they are too lazy to work properly, or too incompetent to care for propriety. 

But notice how the world goes: another huge leak bares all the inefficiency of the Vatican, and the culprit is a journalist. 

By the by: Magister is a big, big name. The removal of his accreditation will have zero consequences for him. But he will make a note of this episode, and remember it at the appropriate juncture.  



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  1. Do you think this was a set up? They deliberately leaked it to him so they could use it as a pretext to remove his credentials.

    • No, I do not believe in this kind of rubbish.
      Magister laughs about the removal of the credentials, and the leak of the draft was a huge coup to him.

  2. As to your point # 6…do you not think perhaps this is why C. Burke was just called in for a ‘private meeting’?

    And a general note; I have been reading this blog for about 2 and a half years…you have become a GREAT hero to me and my husband. You are truly one of the great writers of our time, and a source of sanity and strength; a voice of Truth crying out in the wilderness. PLEASE, keep doing what you’re doing in shining the light on the cockroaches…you are a blessing (!), and we keep you in our prayers. God. Bless. You.


    • I am somewhere between pleased and embarrassed ;), but thank you for your kind words. I was a tad alarmed at reading that John Doe spoke about his “husband”, but I think you are using an anonymous moniker.. 😉

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