Enough With The “Separation” Nonsense.

It’s 8 AM in a bad neighbourhood of a big city in Italy.

Little Marco Peggio has finished his breakfast and is about to get out to go to school. Marco’s papa, Mario Peggio, is still sleeping. He always works late at night, says mama. Mama, whose name is Margherita Peggio, nee Male (but Italians say “Male in Peggio”) is a housewife occasionally working as cleaner, with no qualifications.

Suddenly, the doorbell rings. There are three men, one in a trench and two in police uniform. They say the dreaded word, “Polizia”, and Margherita Male in Peggio pales instantly. They show her a paper. Mama gets excited, cries, screams “you cannot do this!” as the men – two of them obviously armed – enter without further ado.

Little Marco is extremely shocked and starts to cry, too. There is confusion everywhere. The men enter papa’s bedroom, and Marco hears the words “Mario Peggio, you are under arrest”. Papa swears abominably, but little Marco is accustomed to that. His papa is not even given the time to wash his face. Mama is now crying and screaming hysterically, little Mario is crying, too. Maria, his little 14 months old sister, is now woken up and shd is screaming like there is no tomorrow.

Little Marco sees his papa handcuffed, but not before getting a couple on the nose as he tries to oppose resistance. He is then unceremoniously dragged out in handcuffs, as all the neighbours are now out in the floor hall of every floor of the council house where they live.

What happens now is a daily occurrence in Italy: Mario Peggio is, believe it or not, separated from his children and brought to jail. It is not unlikely that the judge will not allow him house arrest pending investigation. Little Marco knows all too well how things work, as uncle Paolo was already in jail for a while last year.

As Little Marco screams, papa is separated from him. Chances are it will be years before he can see his papa again as a free man.

Now, dear reader, stop here and reflect.

This happens daily in Italy. Arrested criminals with the danger of pollution of the evidence are just put in jail and left there. This is before and pending trial. No one gives an Obama that Mario Peggio has two little children. Nor is having little children an extenuating circumstance when the judges emit their sentence. I can tell you now, thanks to my connection to the justice system, that Mario Peggio is realistically facing 12 to 15; probably out in half the time on probation, if he behaves well, which in Italy means bloody well.

Little Marco faces 6 years at least of separation from his papa and, again, nobody gives a Michelle.

Criminals go to jail. That’s the beginning and the end of it. No human rights outrage there.

You draw your conclusions from this little story.

My conclusion is that this exploitation of children for political purposes has to stop. Enough with crying children filmed as they are separated from their criminal papa.

No one filmed little Marco, as his own problems have no bearing on the matter at hand.

Enough. The US must regain sanity and put an end to this nonsense.


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  1. If you haven’t seen it, you sound a lot like Tucker Carlson on his show Monday. So, props, ’cause he’s the only sane English speaking news person on TV right now.

  2. The minions of America want people to worship their children. It has been successful. (Impossible to imagine any of them being asked to sacrifice their most loved to God, or to say God’s will be done, He gives and takes away. This would be considered insanity.)

  3. The separation of faith from reason leads to this chaos we are experiencing. The media is not only complicit but fostering the lies and emotional handwringing. It is so very much uncomfortable and little likelihood of noticeable improvement. This crisis will pass and another manmade one will fill the breach. It is never ending with these morons.

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    Mundabor, the fake news and Trump’s enemies’ attacks on him are nonstop. They are incensed that he is breathing! This uproar is just the latest, and when it dies down, something else as stupid and irrational will pop up and become the “issue” of the moment.

    Surprise, surprise: Just found out that Trump is signing an executive order to enable children to stay with their parents: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/06/20/white-house-considering-executive-action-to-prevent-family-separations-at-border.html

    Trump expects this order to be challenged in court, but wants Congress to act on the matter now.

  5. sixlittlerabbits

    Here is what President Trump said just after he signed the executive order:

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