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Dramatic news from the United States, where Cardinal Wuerl is allegedly planning to leave the country fearing arrest in a RICO investigation.  

Every decent Catholic must hope that, this time, there will be no shielding of Cardinals by shipping them to the Vatican, as The Not-So-Great did. One needs to have enough confidence in the fundamental integrity of the US justice system to allow this to happen. If anyone thinks that the Vatican has a better justice system (with the Pope at its head) than the US, he is living in FantasyPaedoLand. 

We must also hope that handcuffs are locked in on clerical wrists for the following reasons:

  1. We need to show the non-Catholic world that Catholics are at the vanguard of this movement to purify the Church.
  2. We need the pressure given by decades in jail (RICO is, basically, serious organised criminality. There is no way Wuerl could die a free man if found a ringleader) to force people who know to sing like canary birds. I do not think anything short of hasndcuffs would have the same devastating effect.
  3. We need to know how much Rome knew, and how many episodes are such that Francis that does not even have halfway plausible deniability. I mean, just look at who runs the very roof under which he lives!
  4. We need to have an example set for many other Countries, like Italy, where massive investigations might soon be underway; the more so as the US investigation might assume (as it will will very probably do) the character of an international investigation against a multinational ring of complicity and abetting of crime.

Don’t ask me to have any compassion for Wuerl and his own. Don’t ask me to abuse the obvious truism that everyone is innocent until found guilty to hope that there should be no serious investigations to find whether someone (or rather, who) is guilty. Do not even begin with the usual rubbish, that this “damages the Church”.

This does not damage the Church. This actually cleans it. What this scandal will damage is the vast net of homopaedo prelates and priests, and those who aid and abet them.

Pray for Archbishop Vigano’; the man who, more than any other, has given propulsion to this issue and, calling the Pope by name, has given a fully new dynamic to the matter.

Actually, make of the man your battle cry.




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  1. My guess is that Wuerl the Girl – aka “Donna” – would enjoy a pleasant prison stay with his new roomie Brokeback Bubba.

  2. Catholics to a man should insist that Viganò’s Testimony be investigated & verified. Vllifying the man prior to this being done is NOT Catholic, but then neither is PF or his cronies in the Hierarchy which we have long known . Effeminate Masonic/Modernist plants, wth a few Satanists thrown in for good measure, will not, cannot, give truthful witness, nor their entourage of mincing journalists upon which they depend to keep their operation afloat.

  3. Too much evidence and proof of this pope who is trying to exterminate RCC that’s shown no doubt at all that he’s an evil incarnate. Covering up and protecting all sodomites who were infiltrated and used by the devil for one purpose and one purpose only: to undermine, wreck the Church down to fragments. Right at the summit of chaos God has delivered His mercy, a divine justice to rescue His only Church, pulling back the veil to disclose their deep, dark and satanic deception and has split the Vatican’s leadership wide open for the world to see These betrayed, sexual perverting hierarchies are animalistic, ungodly, cunning wicked men who have no place to go and to hide, their days are numbered. They don’t realized that when they begun to love sodomy they has started to end. Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.

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