Gayrdinal Tobin Has No Explanation

Gayrdinal Tobin (he of “Nighty-night baby, I love you”-tweet fame) was accosted by a journalist asking him about both the tweet and the Italian actor who has been living at his rectory until people found out.  

Not surprisingly considering the way these people feel completely insulated from us (straight) mortals, the man still had not even a fake excuse as to exactly why an actor would live in his rectory. I know, it is difficult to even invent one; but you would think the man feels the need to fabricate something to give at least an appearance of decency.

He doesn’t.

The lack of even the pretence of an explanation is, to me, indicative of the mentality of these people: they feel unassailable.

When a Cardinal invites a young, attractive Italian man to live in his own place, imagine how many people must know. Gayrdinal Tobin obviously did not care about any of that. It is not only the sodomy in itself; it is the chutzpah, the almighty arrogance of thinking he can just do what he wants and does not own an explanation to anyone – much less to God in Whom he obviously does not believe -.

The same mentality is at play in this impromptu interview. The man is sent out in order to give the thinnest varnish of decency to the matter; but clearly, Gayrdinal Tobin does not feel that anything more than this is required. He does not owe any explanation to us straight underlings as to why he had a male mistress living in his own rectory, nor does he have to prove that a clearly homoerotic tweet was not sent to him.

This guy needs to be added to the very long list of Gayshops and Gayrdinals who needs to be defrocked when sanity comes back. The shame of the Church in the early XXI Century will be remembered in one thousand years, just as we remember today the degree of corruption pervading the Church in the time of St Peter Damian.

It is good that these perverts are so stupid that they do not even feel the need to give some covering to their perversion. It will make it so much easier to get rid of them when the time comes. It will also make it much easier for countless prosecutors in the US and elsewhere to understand the net of complicity and mutual blackmail that has kept the homo lobby together for several decades. It is clear that one like Gayrdinal Tobin will never be able to do anything sensible against any pervert, communist or thief among the clergy of his diocese. He will also have to toe the liberal line in order to avoid waking up one morning and find oneself outed by the people he has displeased. His disgusting proclivities will make him totally unable to work as a priest, much less a bishop or cardinal.

Nighty-night, Your Gayce.

We want you gone.






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  1. I totally agree. If they were charming perverts, and made themselves beloved, it would be tougher to do this, but they are so thoroughly unlikeable! They flounce about like so many Caligulas and Herods, and make a detestable spectacle of themselves. It is obvious they feel untouchable, and you can smell the arrogance. Now, they have had the finest of tutorials from Rome, if there is a more arrogant person on this planet than the one that inhabits the Chair, I’d like to see him. The evidence for that has been whacking us in the face like a wet fish for five torturous years. Pope Humblebrag, a superb moniker I think Hillary White gave him, a perfect fit. That could have been in Screwtape, it’s so good. We have chuckled, using it, ever since.
    No, clearly they believe there is nothing to stop them. What can those peons do, they cannot touch us! Not having supernatural faith, they believe they are impervious to our efforts, and in a sense they are correct. Oh we can cause some discomfort, turn off the money spigot, give them bad PR, but the real touch can only come from God, in Whom they do not believe!
    So every day, we wait…knowing He will answer, in a way only He could.

  2. “His disgusting proclivities will make him totally unable to work as a priest, much less a bishop or cardinal.”
    But, but, but, it was his disgusting proclivities that GOT him his position…..

  3. It still mystifies me why creatures like Tobin would have wanted to be priests in the first place.

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