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A recent headline (warning: the page always has inappropriate content) informs us that the famous “seven sisters” story (the hypothesis that we all descend from a very limited number, possibly only seven, of mothers) has now been reduced to its unavoidable conclusion: not seven mothers, but one.

Plus, as an added bonus, we get the “scientific” confirmation that a catastrophic event, which wiped out most of humanity, took place a long, long time ago.

You don’t say…

When I read the headline and the article, it gave me another shudder thinking of the evident inversion of truths, of the literally fake reality in which our world lives.

Truth is reality. Truth is the only reality there is. Everything that deviates from truth is, in the end, a mere fantasy, the biological and historical equivalent of abstruse conspiracy theories.

God made us. He made us to know him, to love him and to serve him in this world, and to be happy with him forever in the next. 

This is the reality. The rest is fantasy.

The headline that “science” (the idol of our times) might actually get somewhat near to  what reality is has a funny and at the same time tragic flavour. We live in a world of child brains, to whom you must tell strange tales to make them acquainted with the reality of things; something akin to saying to children that hot water causes pain because Benji says so.

“Science” is, by definition, outside of the realm of reality. Science only tells you the latest fad, or the latest well-meaning hypothesis, in the possible explanation of things. Science is not only susceptible, but even meant to be surpassed by more advanced science. Therefore, science is, by definition, unable to reach any ontological dimension of truth. This is not only true for obviously bogus, fake so-called science like the global cooling, or global warming theories, or all other theories based not on scientific  evidence but on projection and manipulation of fragmentary data into a reality far too complex to be embraced by it. No, this is also true for real, serious science following the scientific method, and through which we only get to discover, in incremental steps, our own littleness confronted with the greatness of the creator. Duckduckgo around, or read “Darwin’s Doubt”, to have an example of how the invention of electronic and then atomic microscopes destroyed the Darwinian theory of evolution, albeit HomoMedia will never want you to realise this.

We call “backward” people, like our progenitors in the Middle Ages, who had a solid grasp of reality; but we believe in all sorts of idols, from “science” to “global warming”, with our increasing childishness and stupidity constantly fed by increasingly smarter phones.

Science might be near to tell us what we always knew, and were always bound to acknowledge anyway.

What an extraordinary tool, science.







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  1. You are so right that science simply “progresses” from one wrong theory to the next. The Religion Of Science is based on its own unprovable dogmas. See my


    And in our times, the scandal and the evil use of science has resulted in the morphing of true scientists, those who do science solely to discover some truth about God’s creation, the morphing from seekers of truth, to first servants of power, and now in our time devolution into soldiers of power. Guy McClung, Texas

  2. When you look at the world through “de-evolution”, i.e. our first parents, and the first pair of every species, being perfect but for a fatal flaw, while their progeny are an ever increasing accumulation of genetic defects —the world makes sense. But they want us to believe the magnificent saber toothed tiger, T-rex, mammoth, dire wolf all evolved into what we have today through survival of the fittest? The truth is natural selection only slows the entropy. Modern man is a puny shadow of his forebears, and is so stupid as to be arrogant about it. Technology is what evolves, midgets standing on the shoulders of giants, someone once said.

  3. Mundabor,
    As far as accumulating defects, pretty sure that’s hard science (See book by geneticist John Sanford…there has never been found information added to the genome, only corruption of information). But this would explain why there must be an End of Time. And the thing is, we, as the more severely deformed, as compared to our forebears, have the greater hardships (even considering the comforts that technology affords), and therefore the greater means to merit, virtue, and heroism, as nearly all good things come through adversity. So we are exceedingly fortunate to live in these times.

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