53 to 47, Minus 1

This time, Mississippi isn’t burning. Actually, it is making America great again. The final tally after the elections gives us a new 53 to 47 composition in the Senate that is, in fact, everything we need in order to have the Senate go in the right direction in the next two years.

When I look at the composition of the Republican troops in the Senate, I can see only three major sneaks in the grass: Murkowski, Collins and Romney. I also doubt they would present a compact front against us in the decisions that matter most now: judicial appointments. Collins made a lot of grandstanding but in the end did not dare to go against her party. Romney is hopefully smart enough to understand he cannot afford to betray in an eventual Kavanaugh-2 scenario. Murkowski is up for (hopefully not) reelection in 2020 and, if Palin decides to candidate, will likely have her butt kicked out in the Primaries.

Still, even with all three daring to vote against, say, the next appointee to the Supreme Court, the 50 votes that appear very likely, plus Mike Pence, would be enough to push through every appointment.

Things are, therefore, very fine in the Senate.

However, I have a lingering fear that we might be about to discover that Justice Roberts is the greatest soyboy on earth.

Roberts’ recent (and very rare for a Supreme Court justice) criticism of President Trump’s perfectly legitimate attack to an Obama-appointed feminist judge might, conceivably, have been just a move to show the Country he has “independence of judgement” before actually siding with the right side in matters of abortion, first and second amendment, national security, etc. However, I see it as more probable that the guy will now be too scared of the responsibility of being the one who tips the scale on the side of sanity and decides to become the new “swing vote”, Kennedy-fying himself out of sheer inability to face the pressure. Has he not, in the end, done the same in the matter of Obamacare?

So we have a 53 to 47 but, more likely than not, no all-out attack on the insanity of modern times. A third Trump Supreme Court appointment would help greatly, and we are now perfectly positioned for it.

“How do you feel today, ma’am?”*


*(you know whom I mean…)

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  1. Feeling it’s time to go out while still vertical.
    It’s pretty crazy when you think of it. Obama was in all those years, what, 20? No, it just felt like a hard 20. But if she had gone out then, he of course would have had the appointment. Like so many, she must have assumed a Clinton presidency was a lock. No hurry. Woops.
    Our God is an amazing God.

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