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McCarrick Cover-Up: Francis Is Being Francis Again

Church Militant has it from reliable sources that, in the matter of the investigation against Cardinal McCarrick, a massive cover-up effort is ongoing.

Whilst this would be an extremely stupid thing to do, I must say this is 100% Francis. A sane person would think that Francis would put himself  “at the head of the movement” and lead a serious, concerted effort to show that the Church is not dominated by an inverted mafia. However, Francis is afflicted by massive problems like his stupidity, his arrogance, his incompetence and his total disconnection from reality; this makes it difficult for him to act in a sane way even if – as it might be the case – McCarrick & Co. have nothing substantial against him.

As a whole, I am not “worried” about the predictable whitewashing of this internal investigation. Like most of my readers, I have lost every faith in the ability of the Church to reform herself, and think that real change will come from divine intervention in some way or other, for example through a massive series of arrests of Cardinals and Bishops.

Herein lies the fundamental weakness of Francis’ evil, deeply Clericalist thinking: he can cover up as much as he wants, but in the end the issue is now out of his hands. The investigations will go on and it will be factually impossible to manipulate and control a dozen or more of Attorney Generals, a number of them hungry for red and scarlet trophies, some of them likely atheist or fiercely anticlerical and with a substantial interest in presenting themselves to the voters – when they seek higher office – as fearless enforcers and no respecters of clerical habits.

The Vatican investigation is, apart perhaps as an exercise in good faith, as relevant as an Iraqi commission to investigate corruption whilst the American tanks are advancing towards Baghdad.

Francis was never credible as an ally against church perversion in the first place. His alleged – and very credible – cover-up attempts are, in the end, just Francis being Francis.

I trust that the civilian justice will take its course and cause great damage to this cabal of sodomites. I also trust the pewsitters to be smarter than thinking that Pope Francis is really engaged in a fight against his friends and protectors of a lifetime.

We are here in front of a deeply evil, corrupted individual, with no shred of conscience and no trace of Catholicism in his being. His efforts to cover up or minimise McCarrick’s deeds are widely expected and no surprise at all.

Pray for a Conclave in 2019. The outcome will be uncertain, but at least we will be given a new chance.


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