Daily Archives: January 29, 2019

Evil Francis Not Really Fazed By Paedophilia

We should not have too many hopes about the upcoming homopaedo exercise, says the Evil Clown. Paedos will always be there, you know.

What an evil, evil man.

He never says the same about poverty, or war, or walls. Poverty is our fault, paedo priests are no-one’s.

And if he had at least said that he will do anything that is in his power as long as he breathes, that he is shocked and saddened and does not sleep at night thinking of this terrible evil within the Church, his words, if still wrong, would have had a different nuance.

But no. What Francis is saying is, in very thinly veiled words, ” I am pretending I am doing something merely because I have to; PR and all that, you know; so please let us be done with this fast, and kindly don’t bother me with this stuff again”.

Seriously, if the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons, Francis ‘ parents must have been such that it is not fitting to describe them in a Cathlic blog.


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