Illegality Profiteers

The illegal immigrant centre in Castelnuovo di Porto, near Rome, is now closing. “Home” to 535 illegals, it will shut down completely. The illegals will be moved elsewhere. It is reasonable to assume that the move reflects a general trend: the curbing of the illegals’ business, a very lucrative one as Matteo Salvini himself points out.

Let us see who is crying: the Italian bishops through their newspaper. The horrible un-Catholic magazine which will not be given a link in this blog post. The fake “chariteees” getting fat with the business of illegal immigration.

The very same obscene magazine I do not link to gives you the scale of the cake: the removal of the 535 will cost up to 120 jobs.

Let that sink in.

Every around 4.5 illegals give one taxpayer funded jobs for these damn “chariteeees”, often linked to the diocese in some way or other. An immense source of funding and business. A bonanza for homosexual priests and their predatory friends to do some “charitable” abuse to people who will be too afraid to talk. A sure guarantee of the criminal behaviour being played down and swept under the carpet, lest the business suffers.

This “chariteee” stuff is a very dark part of the Western economies, Italy clearly not excepted; an obvious source of scrounging and corruption polluting the Country under the disguise of “doing good”, as it slowly ruins the entire fabric of the Country (besides costing an awful lot of money) for the benefit of a restricted group of profiteers and their homosexual protectors.

Matteo Salvini is a great man not only because he does what is right, but because he exposes the big business behind it, a business in which the church in Italy has deep interests.

In how many Countries is this going on? How much money is made out of sheer criminal behaviour? How much of if lands in the vicinity of our “progressive” bishops and their “nighty-night” friends?

I hope that enquiring minds will soon know.

This business of illegality has done enough damage already.


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  1. Trump knows. The patriots fighting the satanic slime that have taken control know. Watch as the pedo networks fall, so we will see cardinals and bishops suddenly resign (maybe even a certain Pope?). The slime use pedophilia to bind themselves. When the world understands this, they will have nowhere to run or hide.

  2. Well said. I must say you have been on a toll …and I thank you for sharing your right reason. Sanity is becoming rarer and rarer.

  3. I wish President Trump would take up the same thing in the states. That RICO investigation is as welcome as the flowers in May. May it begin soon.
    The bishops in the US get millions from the government and so much of it goes to bringing the entire Third World to the US, which is experiencing a lot of crime often committed by people born outside the US. It is not a surprise our bishops can hardly think of anything else, not only is this the pope’s express desire, but the money. I have read this money comes to about 40% now of the funding for each diocese! How much of that money ends up at the Vatican?

    If that RICO investigation ever gets going, we hope the government sees a way to end this endless giving to the bishops for all this “resettlement”.

    Americans are dying in record numbers from the drugs flowing over our southern border. So many Americans are dying, it has brought our life expectancy numbers down for three years, an unprecedented situation. We are losing so many people to drugs laced with Fentanyl and to opioid addiction. Do the bishops care about this? No. They do not. In the state of Massachusetts, where they practice “catch and release”, they seized 20 pounds of Fentanyl from one individual or group. That is enough Fentanyl to kill millions of people. Bishops don’t care about this drug explosion. They also don’t care about Mollie Tibbetts, a beautiful young woman who was jogging and was attacked by an illegal here working on a local farm. She was raped and then stabbed in the neck and chest and killed. They don’t care about Officer Singh in California, who was killed a few weeks ago by an illegal intentionally driving the wrong way, which also critically injured about three other people. Officer Singh leaves behind a family including a 5 month-old baby.
    They don’t care about Kate Steinle, a young woman standing on a pier in San Francisco with her dad, shot by an illegal who had been deported about 5 times previously. She died in her father’s arms.

    The USCCB nor the bishops care anything about these American victims of crimes, and there are thousands more. Their tone deaf and relentless obsession with bringing migrants of any kind here, despite knowing the effects on Americans, is helping to further drive a wedge between faithful Catholics and the church.
    There is no evidence the bishops know about or care anything about that. But then why should they care? The pope has a mania about filling up Christendom with Islam. It would be easy to make the case this is the biggest focus on his papacy, with his secondary focus making sure air conditioners are not used to excess.

  4. USCCB and Vatican are members of (501) C3 and controlled by NWO masons. Believe it or not they have to do exactly what they have been told for they’ve been blackmailed due to committing sexual perverting things. Freemason’s member wants to maintain the status quo, have to do the most terrible sin of sodomy otherwise they would be disclosed and faced losing everything. God’s mercy is to expose them all so they can repent. Tick-tock…

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