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Crap & Darkness: Father Rosica And His Enablers.

We are informed that Father Rosica appears to be not only a plagiarist, but an outright liar.

His “advanced degree” from a college in Jerusalem is as fake news as fake news come. The college has confirmed as much, I think it was in Lifesite News but feel free to search around.

Some questions arise quite automatically:

1. Why has the Jerusalem college not corrected Rosica when he publicised his claim for years in both his Salt + Light CV and public persona, including a video? Where they simply not informed, or timorous of crossing a well-connected man?

2. What kind of people do the vetting for the new hirings in the Vatican? Inverted Monsignors? How can it be that a man is selected for a job with worldwide visibility and no-one checks his credentials? I detect the horrible stench of the homo lobby here. Or perhaps the incompetence is so stellar that they just believe what is told to them; but frankly, it seems to me that I being too good to those who had the responsibility for such activities.

I would love to know what checks have been made on Rosica before his hiring, by whom, with what outcome and what written trail there is of all that.

Who knows, this is the kind of stuff that gives you a better insight inside the workings of the homo mafia than three dozen of newspaper articles.


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