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Cardinal “Toady” Sarah Candidates For The Top Job

The reason why I have misgivings for every V II Cardinal is that V II is so toxic the it cannot but poison everyone who does not explicitly refuse to be polluted by it. There is no one, not one, not even Piacenza, that can compete with true Catholics like the SSPX priests.

The latest example is Cardinal Sarah. The man has just released an interview in which he praises pretty much all V II Popes (I think he might have left Pope Luciani out), explicitly including Francis.

The Cardinal ‘s brown nose can now be spotted from the moon. It is a shame to behold. As the entire planet decries Francis’ monstrous hate for Catholicism, it is a supposedly “orthodox” Cardinal that offers to lick his boots.

I am very inclined to think that this move, fully uncalled for, is the Cardinal ‘s way to present his own candidature for when the time comes.

Born in 1945, the man will, in around 5 years, still have about the same age as Bergoglio on that fateful day. Plenty of time, methinks, particularly if Bergoglio remembers that he wanted a relatively short Pontificate (some five years, he was humbly thinking). Sarah is clearly positioning himself as the man who can reconcile the more “conservative” (lol) cardinals and the increasing number of Francis appointment.

“Look at me!”, he seems to say. “The Magic One-size-fits-all Cardinal! And have I told you what a great Pope Francis is?”

I doubt it will work, but hey, in a conclave you never know…

For the moment, let us accurately take note of the treasonous behaviour of another sycophant in red, the sort so common in Rome nowadays.

God will not be mocked. You would think Sarah knows that….


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