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The End of ISIS, Troy, And The Test Of Democracy

Trojan Horse


ISIS has been completely defeated. Their last satanic flag has been taken down.

What happens next will be one of the defining moments of Western Democracies.

Here in the UK it has been made known, during the conflict, that the British troops did not disdain targeted assassinations of those who had left the UK to become, as the bastards call themselves, jihadists. This was, however, in a conflict situation, where every enemy soldier is, in fact, a legitimate target.

There are now thousands of prisoners of ISIS in prison camps, all of them people who wowed to destroy us. Who knows how many stopped fighting before it was late and avoided capture.

Will we be so dumb, so stupidly, sugary dumb, as to allow those who came from the West to go back to their Country of origin after some worthless “apology”? These are Muslims. They will spit on the Koran if it helps them to advance their “cause”. Their religion explicitly authorises them to do so.

Will we be so unspeakably dumb?

If we crave self-destruction, at some point we will most surely get it. Not in my generation, granted. But at some point it will come, and it will be a sea of blood and an ocean of misery for the godless people involved; then the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons, and when the sons are stupid, too, then it is an open and shut case.

The West needs to correctly define the boundaries of its freedoms. Alas, this will be very difficult until the very fundaments of this freedom, our Christian religion and tradition, is correctly understood as the true matrix of what we are.

Without Christianity, we are sugary idiots; because we are too well-fed, too much in love with ourselves, and too unaccustomed to fight to dare to be harsh to other people, much less recognise an existential threat to ourselves.

The fighting of ISIS was a military test. When the West finally discovers its cojones and decides to give battle, it always wins, because our technological and military superiority dwarfs every hostile power on earth. But the more insidious test is the domestic one: the fight against the mentality that leads to defeat by a determined enemy by just allowing them in.

Think of Troy. What the Greek armies could not do, a hollow wooden horse did. The most powerful walls are useless if there are no brains to defend them.

We have a huge, hollow horse waiting outside of our walls. It has “tolerance”, “multiculturalism”, and “inclusion” written on it. We are asked to let the horse in, in the name of the values written in it. .

Will we be stupid?






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