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Nothingburger Now With Nothingcheese and Nothingbacon, plus Nothingfries.

We already knew that the decision of the Mueller Witch Hunt Task Force not to proceed to further indictments was clear evidence that there was no evidence of any collusion. However, we now have it in detail, from the words of the report themselves.

Please stop here for a moment and stay silent.

Do you hear that faint droning in the distance?

This is what millions of crying Libtards sound like.

Obviously, these people are at war with reality. Therefore, they will now start to look for the next way allowing them to dream of impeachment. We should encourage them in their fantasies and give them all the resonance and publicity we can.

Like Alexandria Ocasio-Commie, these people will be key in sweeping the Midwest for Trump in 2020. Their Trump Derangement Syndrome can look good among friends and in the campus, but it is pure poison in the solid, no-nonsense Midwest and Rust Belt states. It will backfire massively.

I see the ghost of McGovern sweeping the Democratic country again. Feel-good extremism leads to defeat. Some Democrat leaders understand this, but they are – at least for now – afraid to go against the Triggered Hordes. It will be extremely fun to watch.

If you have some common sense, you understand that after the end of this witch hunt any further talk of collusion between Trump and Russia is pure ballot box poison, and any talk of impeachment for any other reason whatever reveals the contempt for democracy these sore losers all have.

Let them scream hysterically. Let Maxine Waters be on TV every day. Let AOC teach all the other Democrats that the only good Democrat is a Socialist. Let them all peddle their New Green Deal to the hard working farmers of Iowa, to the factory workers in Michigan, to the miners in West Virginia.

The Nothingburger now has a side of Nothingcheese and Nothingbacon, plus Nothingfries. It has become highly radioactive for Dems to even mention it.

The fun is: they do not get it.


Bishop Schneider And Heretical Popes

Bishop Schneider has published in Rorate Caeli an essay about what bishops and cardinals should do in case of heretical Popes. 

He is, if you ask me, perfectly right in a couple of the points he exposes:

  1. Laymen cannot (obviously) decide who is Pope and who isn’t.
  2. If a Pope is a heretic, as many as possible among the clergy (of all ranks) must confirm the faithful in the faith.

However, I think that the good bishops errs massively (and is, actually, in sharp contrast with the talk of Cardinal Burke, though Burke himself never let the walk follow the talk) when he says that a heretical Pope cannot be deposed and one must wait for better times and allow the Holy Ghost to set things right.

When Marcellinus sacrificed at the altar of Pagan gods, did the clergy and bishops that could be gathered around him decide that the Holy Ghost would provide? Certainly not. They acted. They acted swiftly and decisively in what would, today, be called an extraordinary imperfect ecumenical council.

They did not stop to reflect what canon law says, or decide that hey, that’s our lot until Marcellinus dies. They clearly either threatened him with “deposition” (with a declaration that he had deposed himself) or actually did it. They reacted to extraordinary situations with the most logical extraordinary measures at their disposal. And they clearly, clearly were not ready to tolerate the continuation of Marcellinus’ behaviour or of the situation tout court. The famous phrase, “no one can judge the Pope. Therefore, judge thyself” should leave any reasonable person in no doubt that, had Marcellinus refused to do so, he would have been declared out of the Church out of his own factual, openly stated behaviour.

I do not think that John XXII was in a different situation. Also in that case, it is clear that the clergy was reacting to his heresies, and preparing a massive counteroffensive in case he would not retract. The delegation of, among others, Dominicans talking to him behind closed doors can, after the usual entreaties and supplications, only have prospected him one path: extraordinary ecumenical council courtesy of the the King of France’s coffers; trial; declaration of heresy; deposition; execution. I am, again, sure that every reasonable reader will agree that, though such threats were never made public, everything was in place and the Pope was certainly made aware of it.

The bishops states he wants to avoid schism. But what is more important, Truth or unity? Would you have allowed John XXII to go on with impunity because of the fear of schism?

Besides, when bishops speaks against bishop in most fundamental matters, a factual schism is already there. Better to have the bubo explode, then, and fight the good fight. Neither St Paul nor Saint Athanasius seems to have had any fear of public schism in the face of public heresy.

Bishop Schneider is well-intentioned but, I think, well short of the mark. Cardinal Burke understands the situation but has no courage to get the ball rolling. However, the Cardinal understands (at least in words) that the cardinals and bishops betray their flock and are in grave dereliction of duty if they see a heretical Pope and do not try to do what is in their power to stop and, if necessary, depose him.

Ecclesia supplet. When extraordinary times call, the Church should respond with extraordinary courage. This is what was made with Marcellinus. This is what Athanasius did.

The Holy Ghost works through men. Particularly those who are, actually, first called to do the work.





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