Alan Krueger, or The Sterilisation of Suicide

Alan Krueger, the top economic advisor of Obama, and former economic advisor of Bill Clinton (At least in those brief moments between unzipping and zipping of trousers at the White House) has killed himself. An Eternal Rest is in order, even for Obama’s advisors.

The fully secular Obama clan mentions how “nice” he was.

He was a good suicide, this one.

Always with a smile.

Most likely, he is not smiling now. But what strikes me is the total godlessness of these people. They make it look like suicide is some sort of “responsible”, “adult” decision for which they have profound respect. They probably do.

I have not even read a hint of disapproval. There is not even the extremely indirect condemnation of calling the suicide a “terrible act”, or the like. Nowadays people commit suicide, and no-one is anyone to “judge”. Many others get busy fabricating excuses, and fantasizing all kind of mental insanity in people whose intelligence they have just stopped praising.

Mark my words: in every suicide there is the mark of Satan. Even in those cases (which must be very rare) of total insanity, the act is so instinctively repulsive, so contrary to the work of Creation that it cannot be looked at simply as some demented deed. It is always a satanically inspired act.

None of this is told to you by the sensitive, politically correct Democrat caste, busy with ferrying adults to hell as they kill unborn children by the millions. Flowery expressions like “took his own life” (without the logically correct integration, “… which wasn’t his, and threw it away”) abound, because even the word “suicide” sounds so unpleasantly judgmental, unsanitised, vaguely alarming.

He was so nice. So gentle. So brilliant. What a shame. Sad, so sad. Let’s celebrate his accomplishments, and how he made the world a better place, blablabla and bla.

He was also, quite likely, the greatest of fools. And, quite likely, he has realised it by now.

Be terrified of every suicide. And reflect that Princeton does not protect anyone from arrogance, selfishness, unhappiness and, ultimately, rom the paws of Satan.


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  1. What is the value of a human life? What are people for, as the poet Wendell Berry asked and answered in a series of essays. The suicide rate in rich countries is very high despite the wealth that people enjoy. Most shocking are the suicides of so-called successful people like Mr. Krueger. He joins the list of “successful” people who ended their lives like Kate Spade, the founder of an eponymous line of handbags and leather goods; Dolores O’Rourke of the Cranberries; Anthony Bourdain; David Foster Wallace (famous American writer); and Amy Winehouse (British singer). Think about it: every one of these people had talent and lots of luck. It’s not enough to have talent. You need luck or as we Catholics say, lots of graces from God.

    If all people are for is their utility value (according to modern twisted capitalism), then once they stop being popular, or their books/albums don’t sell, then they have no “utility” value. They’re useless, like a used plastic spoon, ready to be discarded. If these famous people believe this about themselves, they will treat themselves as having no value and because the pain is so great, they will end their lives. They don’t know, or they have forgotten (if they are Catholic) that we are made for God. He doesn’t look as us as having “utility” value. It doesn’t matter to God if we are rich, pretty, thin, popular. As long as we love Him (which means following His commandments), He doesn’t care about our worldly success and He will grant us all the graces we need to go through whatever difficulty we suffer in this world.

    The Catholic Church has, for centuries, warned people about suicide and has considered it to be a mortal sin. That’s why they used to bury suicides outside the Church graveyard. But today, if a priest gives a sermon at a funeral (of someone who committed suicide) in which he repeats the traditional teachings of the Church concerning taking your own life, his bishop will kick him out (this happened recently). So, no one, not even the Church, says anything bad about it. Is this charity? You see people clearly heading in the direction of a cliff, and you tell them, “It’s OK buddy, keep going?” Everything is upside down today.

    The suicide rate will continue to climb until people come back to God. There’s no way around this. Only then will they care for themselves and for others – for love of God.

  2. How very true Mundabor, I like it when you get reflective!

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