Cats’ Paradise

I have just replied to a message stating that women are generally sensible voters… when they are mothers.

I reflect that in 2016, it appears the majority of White women (mothers, or not) voted for Trump against “I have a vagina so I am entitled to your vote”-Hitlery.

OK, woke women were a very tiny minority in 2016; very likely, they are a very tiny minority now.

But they are, most emphatically, not marriage material.

Bitchy, angry, heavily in debt, likely fat and, in any case, made ugly by hate, eligible men will run away fast at the first whiff of romantic interest they detect in … them.

So we might witness, in the next decades, the phenomenon of millions of “Bernankified” (look it up!) women ending up bitter, angry activists well in their Seventies, Eighties and, like a Justice I know of, almost Nineties!

And I wonder: will they they take to the streets with their canes and walking frames, loudly asking for the right of their “partners” (the cats) to vote, lamenting “felinephobia”, demanding “feline equality”  and crying with all the oxygen they have in their lungs (not much) that “Cats’ Lives Matter”?

Absurd, you say?

Not more than thinking that a man is a woman, because he says so.

What I know, is that it will be a cats’ paradise.



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  1. On women: Surely they are a mystery. I was told that women, generally speaking, don’t like each other as they are competitors. So a “Cat’s Paradise” is another way of describing hell.

    • In my Country, where people are notoriously politically incorrect, it is generally believed that women instinctively fight not against each directly, but *for the approval of men*.
      Let that sink in.
      Cats are, I think, men on four paws: independent, self-assured, they really don’t give an Obama.
      I think this is what attracts women to them.
      Eat this after reading.
      Or not, as the case may be.

  2. My cat lives in a cat’s paradise.
    he’s aa good “cat-o-lick.”

  3. I am actually uneasy about the women’s vote. The polls (though they may be fake to an extent) show Trump ahead with men and losing support among suburban women over the COVID pandemic. If this is true, it’s proof to me of the irrational, overly emotive, idiot response to a cold that kills less than 1% of people, and that the democrats obviously don’t take seriously, allowing rioters full reign while keeping us all on lockdown, cynically fear mongerIng and manipulating ever changing “data” for political gain. Polls claim some women find corrupt and creepy Joe more “empathetic.” As compared to what? Their cats? This is astonishing to me. He pops up infrequently, black mask and dark glasses, looking like Darth Vader and alluding to more lockdowns, which has tanked the economy and caused incredible devastation and suffering, even deaths. I’m far more afraid of thugs running wild and the soulless political scum egging them on. Unfortunately, the women’s vote has often propelled the worst Democrat candidates into high office. It’s embarrassing to admit that angry, forever aggrieved feminist harridans have played a huge roll in dismantling western civilization. God help us if they stick the final nail in the coffin in November.

    • Same in Europe.
      The hysteria was clearly driven by the women’s vote. You talk to straight men, they generally say the same thing: isolate the old from the others, not everyone from everyone.
      Food for thoughts.
      Still, I think Covid will play no role in November.
      The riots (and the economy) will take all the space.

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