Dems Officially Out Of Ammo

You know that your candidate is in trouble when the journos find nothing worse to say about Pence than the accusation of “mansplaining”, or need to use extremely vulgar comparisons just because some fly harassed him during the debate.

Mind, Pence is good. He did very well against poor Kaine in 2016 and repeated himself yesterday against the Hoe. But there is no denying that Kamala is no strong debater and no strong candidate.

The result is that you need to look at instant polls from the likes of CNN to find someone shameless enough to declare her the winner, whilst even her supporters had to constantly stress the “historic” nature of her candidacy to try to put some lipstick on this particular pig.

My take is this: last Tuesday, we saw the rough warrior. Yesterday, we saw the persuading gentlemen. Pence left less room for attack, but was ultimately less devastating. Trump was an atomic bomb, leaving his enemies complaining about the rudeness of the atomic fallout.

What does the other side have to oppose to this formidable duo? A demented old man and, to put it gently, a saloon woman.

I keep seeing a clear victory in November. I don’t want to sound complacent, and I realise that Trump supporters will still have to show up in great numbers to win in November. Still, the Democrats are missing every train here. They lost the first debate, they were totally cancelled by Trump’s masterful management of his own illness, and they have now clearly lost the vice-presidential debate; they are missing every opportunity to put Trump on the defensive, and they are still not managing to ignite their base, to create enthusiasm and excitement.

If I look at the past, Biden looks like a demented Mondale, or like an ever weaker Bob Dole. Like Mondale (but more than him), he is the product of a grassroots movement moving the party to the left. Like Dole (but more than him) he is a tired, old man unable to energise his voters. Granted, he is not as abrasive and unpleasant as Hillary, but he is much more of an establishment creature than she is.

It does not look good for the Democrats, and it looks like at this point they have shot all the ammunition they had.

They better have a huge October Surprise in store. And no, Trump liking women is not going to cut it.

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  1. I understand Pelosi is meeting tomorrow to discuss the 25thh amendment with other dems.
    Looks like she found a broken arrow in her quiver bag,

  2. It is a weird thing to hope for, but hopefully the polls showing a Biden win are for ginning up the urban crowd, who want to only hear that Trump “stole the election” so they can get those sneakers they want. Better weeks of zombie looters than that this bunch of crazies take over our country, they are that bad. Kamala Harris was annoying, and I couldn’t even watch more than 10 minutes of her. Her smug grimaces and eye rolling…wow…she is unlikeable.
    America is my country, and I love her, but if we actually put these Communists in office then technically I guess we deserve what we get, and we’d get it.

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