Cardinal Burke Exposes Feminism.

No, fattie, you go home and start eating tofu...

No, fattie: YOU go home and start eating tofu…


Cardinal Burke has recently given another interview, and one must say this brave man is rapidly becoming the first reference for those who seek some hope and light within the hierarchy (he is still a Cardinal, after all; and at the head of a big, prestigious organisation).

As so often, Burke’s tones are so beautiful they are outright lyrical. This time, the Cardinal laments – among other things – the emasculation of the Church since the Seventies, and the devastating effect of the modernisation wave brought about by Vatican II on the priestly vocations. 

Talking of the feminist wave, the Cardinal observes:

Sadly, the Church has not effectively reacted to these destructive cultural forces; instead the Church has become too influenced by radical feminism and has largely ignored the serious needs of men.


My generation has taken for granted the many blessings we were blessed with in our solid family lives and with the Church’s solid formation of us. My generation let all of this nonsense of sexual confusion, radical feminism and the breakdown of the family go on, not realizing that we were robbing the next generations of the most treasured gifts that we had been blessed to receive.

We have gravely wounded the current generations. As a bishop, young people complained bitterly to me, “Why we were not taught these things. Why we were not more clearly taught about the Mass, Confession and traditional devotions?” These things matter for they form a spiritual life and a man’s character.

How true, Your Grace, how true! Men are, too often, the “weaker sex” in nowadays Church of Mercy, and are marginalised by a bunch of old harridans thinking they are in the Sixties, and perhaps desperately trying to feel young again. Too often, priests acquiesce to their aggressive occupation of the sanctuary and do not dare to speak a word, lest the bishop gives them a double shampoo. They know that the termagants do not hesitate to call the bishop and cry “oppression”, and they simply do not have the balls to stand up for what is right. You listen to their homilies and you just know, that they do not have the balls.

This is turn leads to more emasculation, as the invasion of girls (or old women!) is not the best induction to a life in the priesthood. Imagine how motivated young Johnny will be to become an altar boy, if giggling girls or old women with generally high acidic content do the same. 

How do we reverse this? By making the Sanctuary a male only space, as it was until the onset of the Age of Insanity.

Awfully sorry, Mrs Postlethwaithe. I feel your pain, Mrs Cuthbert-Jones. We like your biscuits, we really do! But, dear ladies, not to put too fine a point on it, you simply have no business walking around in the sanctuary. No, you don’t. Yes, I mean it. Busying yourself back and forth over there before Mass always reminds me of the chicken in my grandma’s barnyard.  No, I don’t care about “emancipation”, either. Mary wasn’t emancipated. She did just fine.

Say it again?

“Reactionary”, you say?



Thanks, dear ladies! Thanks!


Admittedly, this is a bit difficult in times in which the very Pope plays Social Justice Warrior like an extremely ugly feminist Berkeley student who loves social justice in abstract, and hates people in concrete. But we must work now on preparing the ground for a time after Francis in which hopefully we will be, if not back into sane times, at least past the current level of madness.

One day, Francis will pass. Possibly today, o Lord, but I understand we have to pay for our sins.

For the moment, I am content with reading every word of this good and saintly man, Cardinal Burke; a man obviously too good, too sensible, and too Catholic for the Bishop of Rome.


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  1. indignusfamulus

    Dear M,
    We wouldn’t go quite as far as
    “you simply have no business walking around in the sanctuary”
    We can still appreciate the “Martha’s Guilds”. Somebody’s got to dust, occasionally-just not during Mass. 😉 ;-).

    • What are the Martha’s Guilds?

      As to cleaning in the sanctuary, well that’s different; but even in that, I would seriously stick to the policy in use before V II. It is were men who made the cleaning then, it should be men who make the cleaning now.


  2. You’ re so right ! And of course Cardinal Burke. Oh, what abeautiful Pope could he be !
    And as a colleague of mine used to say:- Due donne, ed e’ gia’ pollaio-

    • “Due donne, ed e’ gia’ pollaio” 😉

      (“Two hens, and it is already (a) henhouse”)

      Aren’t these Italians wonderfully un-PC? 😉



  3. God always raises Saints for the time. I reckon Cardinal Burke is a Saint for our times!

  4. The Feminazi Movement is destroying society. Destroying men by cutting off their family jewels, destroying woman by “liberating” them to choose to become men and destroy whatever fetuses get in the way, and destroy families so Satan could spawn homosexual marriage and maybe even trans-species couplings for the serious pervert whose civil rights need fawn (sorry). But lest you think I blame just Eve only, we men took the fruit and ate the sweet nectar of irresponsibility and loved second incomes and no diapers to change. We could hardly change our own underwear soon and all of partied on like Armageddon was just a fugal disease treated with opiates. Mundabor said to be brief so bye for now.

  5. Good post Mundabor. I couldn’t “like” it, I seem to have lost my wordpress password. I am usually a goat, but do sometimes wear a sheepskin coat.

  6. Thank you so much for this. I, too, am utterly in awe of Cardinal Burke, and owe you greatly for having opened my eyes to him over the last year.

    Two months ago, I went to a dinner and academic symposium at my old college, titled “Can Pope Francis Save the Church?” (you can imagine the sort of people who were speaking). I realized I was quite possibly the only person in the room who had read and enjoyed “Remaining in the Truth of Christ”, but nevertheless found myself having a pleasant dinner conversation with both faculty and community members…until I mentioned that I counted myself an admirer of the Cardinal. I might have gotten a less frosty reception if I had informed the table that my hobby was skinning kittens alive.

    Cardinal Burke indeed tells hard truths, but only a willfully blind man could read that article and not see that they are in the service of genuine love and compassion. It is unfortunate that so many people think those words mean accepting whatever animal behaviors others engage in. His ability to speak clearly about Sin is a rare gift, and badly needed.

  7. In the US we are over run with these 50 ish corpulent women with their bobbed greasy gray hair. Men (i use that term loosely) just duck their heads and shrink away rather than confront these shrews. They run the NO parishes and the priests (again I use that term loosely) are just a fixture. I think that most priest like it this way, it appeals to their effeminate nature. In my 45 years on this earth I have never met a manly priest.

    • This is strange and disturbing. The woman can only have the function of just another employee, right? I cannot imagine anything else.
      I wonder if in this country these positions must be covered by Catholics, or not.
      It is obviously inconceivable that she may give authorisations linked to the priestly functions of the discipline of the sacraments.

  8. Mundy- Here is a great article by Ann Barnhardt that speaks truth about women and what went wrong:

    I agree 100%…Our Lady and no female saint ever complained about their “role” in the Church. It’s time things went back to God’s design i.e. men leading and women following. God bless~

  9. What’s more masculine than a fabulous magna cappa, ermine, liturgical gauntlets and layers of silk?

    • The irony is misplaced.
      Cappa magna, ermine, and silk are traditional signs of authority.
      Louis XIV, who was as manly as they come, would not have found your humour very agreeable.

      Tastes change, of course. But as the Church does not change, it is fitting that she continues to follow traditional customs.

      The cassock is, basically, another example. Once an obviously manly attribute, now it is confused by the ignoramuses with a sort of petticoat.


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