The Mueller Nothingburger Is Here



The biggest witch hunt since the Salem witch trials has just gone to an end, and it is perfectly clear it is the biggest, most expensive, most vicious nothingburger ever made.

I can hear the Dems crying from here.

This was stupid from the get-go. But the Trump Derangement Syndrome that is ravaging the United States (and the BBC, and libtards the world over) has made of it an obsession, witch trial-style.

Trump’s victory is now complete. It is the complete annihilation of all those who have accused him, without the shadow or the hint of any evidence, for years. The poor, deluded minus habens will have to recognise that Mueller has expensed an astonishign amount of time and public money only to prove the total innocence of the Designated Victim.

I wonder whether the Investigator will be investigated now. Both Rosenstein and himself have a lot to answer for. This wasn’t a normal investigation. This was vicious to the end.

I will savour this day to the most.

Keep America Great.


P.S. Now more than ever: lock her up!!

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  1. Oh yesssss, let the real investigations begin and the indictments be unsealed! Can’t wait for the Church swamp creatures to come down finally!

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