Hitler And Bormann, With Added Feminism.

The Vatican is rumoured to be mulling sweeping reforms of the Curial administration. It may be trivial, but it isn’t. In fact, it is, like everybody the Evil Clown thinks and does, the work of the devil.

The informing principles of the reform appear to be these:

1. The Dicasteries would be deprived of the ability to release regulations and interpretations in matters pertaining to Church teaching. They would become, in a way, mere administration organs without a real capacity to lead.

2. This frees the way for the real aim of the reform: not being entitled with this ability to direct, the Dicasteries would be able to be run, if the Evil Clown so decides (which he will), by laymen; actually, even by women.

The damage would be incalculable.

All decisions in matter of church teaching would be directly depending on the Pope. This is a huge centralisation of power, that makes not only of Francis, but of the one who controls the flux of information to him extremely powerful people with the ability to run everything on their own, obviously not without chaos as the system would, probably, soon collapse under the amount of decision making Francis wants to have in his hands. It is, in a word, Hitler and Bormann, version 2.0.

The way the faithful see the Church would also be radically altered. The Church would become an institution run by laymen, for everyone to see. Sister Feminist and Mrs Busybody would get, at least at the beginning before they are forgotten, an immense amount of publicity. The claim of a church run by the laity would be, in actual fact, an administrative reality. The call for further changes, like female priests, would be deafening.

Francis talks a great deal about decentralisation of power, but he is a power-crazed, incompetent megalomaniac with an unquenchable thirst for control. This reform would, if carried out, allow him to satisfy his power mania, whilst looking as the historic modernisator and reformer of the Church.

We can only hope that the Lord takes him out before he carries out such a plan.

Please pray for the end of this pontificate, today. It is bad enough to have a faithless Pope, but this one really wants to do as much damage as he can.

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  1. In looking up the name of St. Philomena today I ran across this article: “Rome will lose the Faith and will become the seat of the Antichrist!”. https://www.padrepioandchiesaviva.com/uploads/Satana_in._Vaticano_en_OK-final.pdf

  2. catholictradition2

    It is my constant prayer. A hard-hitting blog post but a necessity.

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