Pope Weasel And The Just Aspiration Of Communism


Pope Weasel regaled us – during a recent Angelus in front of the usual three dozen curious who did not want to spend for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not – with a bit of his wisdom:

In addition, in these weeks we are witnessing numerous popular protests all over the world – in many parts – expressing the growing unease of civil society in the face of particularly critical political and social situations. While I urge the demonstrators to present their demands peacefully, without giving in to the temptation of aggression and violence, I appeal to all those with public and governmental responsibilities to listen to the voice of their fellow citizens and to meet their just aspirations, ensuring full respect for human rights and civil liberties

This is, at the same time, ambiguous and subversive, in the same way as Francis generally is.

On the one hand, Francis restricts his appeal to the  just aspirations of the bunch of communists, anarchists, paedophiles, and others who are now manifesting. In theory, they could have no just aspirations (being a bunch of communists, anarchists etc.) at all, and everybody could be happy.

In practice, it is obvious that this is, for as far as a man like Francis would dare to go, an endorsement of the victimhood so much in fashion nowadays among the above mentioned categories.

“I am not saying that being a Communist is officially good”, Francis implies, “but please listen, listen, listen to them!” In this, there is an implicit judgment that white-on-black racism is still a factor (fake news), that the police needs to be reorganised (more fake news), and that Capitalism has somethign fundamentally wrong in itself (fakest news of all).

By the bye, I am awaiting Francis’ strong, definitive condemnation of “cuties”.

Will I get it?

Will I?





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  1. Why do you think Francis was speaking of BLM. AP news agency (among others) have interpreted as referring to the events in Belarus without naming it (https://apnews.com/5e4a77d918b92de198cece4c1ba4b29a). The protesters there are not looting or vandalizing property and are reported even for cleaning the area up after the demonstrations just not to give an additional pretext for the authorities to incriminate them.

  2. Francis has several “cuties” in his entourage: Ricca, Paglia, Coccopalmiero, Pedacchio. Sorry, but these are all Italian surnames. I am sure that they are grooming some minor cuties of their own.

  3. I imagine this is a foretaste of the upcoming October Encyclical “Fratelli Tutti” – that’s if they can even decide on the translation of the name, with the usual suspects freaking out “all brothers” is exclusionary…. Jesus wept.

  4. No. ‘Cuties’ emblematic of how far things have gone astray since the emergence (from hell?) of “Pope” Francis.

  5. Bergoglio may condemn PedoFlix for discriminating against underage males by not including them in the film.

  6. “By the bye, I am awaiting Francis’ strong, definitive condemnation of “cuties”.”
    Before he can condemn it he has to watch it a few more times and get the director’s cut dvd.
    After all, who is he to judge?

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