Father Nicholson Is The Perfect Nazi

I generally devote to Father Nicholson the attention I dedicate to the blathering Dumbos: zero. I would love to continue with this, in my eyes, very sensible praxis; but Father Nicholson has left such a pool of stinking piss all over the floor, that the very pungent smell compels me to say a word or two about this disgraceful, intellectually challenged man, a disgrace for the habit he wears.

As many of you will know, Father Nicholson has not only compared the SSPX to satanists; he has maintained that the SSPX-promoted reparation mass for the black mass in Oklahoma is… worse than the black mass itself!

Stop here, and calm yourself. Do you generally get angry at the senseless blathering of a child? Thought not…

Let us first see where Father Dumdum is leading us here.

The Pontiff Emeritus has lifted the excommunication on people who are, in their acts, worse than Satanists; the Vatican has structures devoted to the dealing with people worse than Satanists; the Vatican has declared that these people, worse than Satanists, are in communion, though they embarrassingly (for them) tend to call this communion “imperfect”; a Cardinal has received people worse than Satanists only a few days ago, and released a very gentle communiqué about the matter.

I could go on, but you get the gist: Father Nicholson is just plain thick.

But let us now try to start a journey in the workings of this child's brain, and discover the reason for his extremely stupid affirmation, and childish pooping outside of the WC.

The man is, at his core, a Nazi. Better: he is a Nazi child. In his little mind, obedience to the Pope is all that matters, and there is nothing demanding from us a higher allegiance, on earth or in heaven. This is 100% Führerprinzip, and Father Nicholson has devoted to it all the scarce neurons at his command; with the smelling result I have just described.

These people may be stupid, but they are dangerous. Particularly so, when the clerical garb they wear induces other not-too-bright people to give credence to their absurd blathering. This is the most extreme form of clericalism you can find; a de facto deification of the Pope perfectly identical to the Nazi de facto deification of Adolf Hitler. This is purest heresy.

If I do not say an angel, but a Pope comes to him and tells him things in contrast with truth, not only Father Nicholson believes him like the dumdum he is; but he also accuses everyone who happens to side with 2000 years of Christianity of being… worse than Satanists!

Boy, this is one who has to be sent back I do not say in the seminary, but in the kindergarten.

Father Nicholson is the perfect Nazi. Hitler would be very proud of him.

Satan is, I am sure, rather pleased too.

Pray for Father Dumbo. He is in great need of it.



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  1. Link to latest diatribe would be a help.

  2. Fr. Nicholson is an Opus Dei priest. Could this be a big reason why he’s, as you put it, a dum-dum?

    • Can’t exclude it.
      Friend of Voris, too.
      Apparently, this of the SSPX is a real mania for him.
      Don’t visit his site. I’ve read he gets paid per pageview.

  3. M., your average Novus Ordo Catholic who lives in a backwater diocese without access to the TLM needs education on who the SSPX are and how they are in communion with Rome. I thank you for setting me straight on the matter and piquing my curiosity on the Traditionslist movement. I now feel so aligned with it I am about to read Michael Davie’s + trilogy.
    Yes, Voris and company have it wrong on this as well and I’ve had Simon from CMTV write and tell me the SSPX are “soft sedes”.

  4. Hilarious, coming from the priest who had the mockery to post on his webpage last Ash Wednesday, ‘Are you looking at my ash?’ and another such ‘joke’. Definitely the person from whom I plan to take spiritual advice. Or not.

  5. There is a small consolation here. Most of the comments for Father’s article were against what he said, many writers putting their point across in a very articulate way. It even seemed as though some were beginning to see the SPPX in a new, more positive light. So the vile denigration of them may have backfired.

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