Pope Trannie Is Satan’s Tool


"We should do more for the LGBTPTSRTGS people, Frankie dear..."

“We should do more for the LGBTPTSRTGS people, Frankie dear…”



There is a reason why I keep calling the Bishop of Rome TMAHICH, The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History. The reason is that the double-tongued falseness of this man simply defies imagination. We see evidence of this all the time.

“Rabbitgate” is just a few days old, and it now turns out Francis has reached a new depth in his constant encouragement and promotion of sexual perversion. The events unfolded as follows:

1) A Trannie writes to the Pope and complains about his “discrimination” because hey, his fellow Catholics and (the horror!) his own priest just do not want to “accept” he is a shameless perverts publicly espousing his abomination to the point of surgical and/ or hormonal manipulation. You would think the entire planet is on drugs, but hey…

2) Pope Francis, of whom the kindest thing that can be said is that he might, actually, be on drugs, calls the man on the phone and expresses him his sympathy, or solidarity, or support, however you want to call being accomplice in another man’s sin. He does so twice. The second time he does it on Christmas Eve, and it is OK to cross yourself at this point.

Disturbing. If this is not the mark of a man deep in the lies of Satan, I do not know what is.

3) The two phone calls are not enough. Francis feels he has truly not done all he could to encourage every sort of sexual perversion. Whilst most of us, endowed with basic decency and a normal degree of innocence, would be horrified at sitting in the same room with a Frankenstein-like joke of Satan, Francis has such a need for them that he needs to have both the trannie and his “partner” flown from Spain (at whose cost, I’d love to know) in order to get an official peep into Tranniedom; something for which, evidently, his own house bitch Ricca is not enough. This happened in the last few days, after TMAHICH’s return from Manila, the sacrilegious mega-mass, and The Rabbit Show. The Trannie is about to “marry” (of sort) his own “lover”, but do not think this further encouragement of scandal deters Francis is any way. Whatever goes against Catholicism and basic decency is clearly good for him.

Satan, my dear readers, is looking at you, and laughing out loud.

At this point the news was clearly leaked, and the Vatican does not comment up to now. I take it this means at least that someone within the Vatican cares for his own soul and wants to expose Francis for the satanical tool he is. But considering the antics, the hypothesis that Francis might be on cocaine should be taken seriously and investigated accordingly, because this kind of loss of the sense of reality is a typical, well-known manifestation of cocaine addiction.

At this point, words fail. New ones at least. So it is fitting to repeat the old ones:

This Pope is an old, lewd man either attracted to every form of sexual lewdness, or a pervert himself. He is set to sabotage Catholicism, a religion he obviously loathes. If he believes in any god (which I doubt), it is some home-made Peronist deity obsessed with the “environment” and with a penchant for sexual perversion (basically: himself). He will do whatever he can to insult Catholics as he drives them away from Catholicism and into his own religion of social envy, environ-mentalist terror, economic chaos and sexual depravity. He is not recognisable as Catholic in any way, shape or form, as it becomes absolutely evident every time he does not read from a script but says what he really thinks and does what he likes. His lack of elementary prudence and decency justifies the suspicion of drug use. He makes the work of Satan day in and day out. He might be, let us say it again, a sexual pervert himself.

This is the current Bishop of Rome: a shame too big, too brash, too blatant, too much in-your-face to even claim any title to subtlety. A poor intelligence with a low degree of education, he isn’t even able to put some nuance in his subversive work so that more people than the plain dumb may be deceived. But he is testing the dumb too, or at least the less stupid among them.

Possibly a pervert. Possibly on cocaine. Evidently slow-witted. Most certainly not Catholic. Full of himself. Full of shit. A first-class hypocrite. A tool of Satan.

There. The Bishop of Rome described in just a few short sentences.

Still: pray for the poor sod, that he may see the light one day before he goes to hell.

He is a tool of Satan, a heathen, a saboteur, a danger for souls, the scourge of the Church.

But you, you be a Christian.


As an encore, enjoy “Loretta” again.

Just imagine the young woman is Francis.













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  1. Mundy, the meeting happened on Saturday 24, and it was ” very private”, according to the Vatican, which, therefore, did not issue an official statement. The trannies came from Spain, so at least the amount spent on flight is not so high.
    It is crystal clear the man- woman or whatever is an activist of the LGBT lobby, otherwise the news woul not have reached any corners of the world in less than one day ( it was publishedi Sunday in Spain, and yesterday in every single Italian newspaper, and then in websites the whole world around). Of course, no one rushed to check his/her story of discrimination by the villagers and the priest.
    He meets ” cani e porci” but old saint friar, conservative bishop…
    Sancte Michaele Archangele, defende nos in proelio.

  2. Is there no recourse to this evil? Are the bishops and cardinals of this world powerless to declare this man null and void?

  3. I should say “declare this pope null and void”.

  4. Let me make sure I understand: He’s evil?

  5. Dear M,
    Tragically, there’s more reason to suspect they were summoned for a private Papal blessing of their “irregular union”, than for an exhortation from the Vicar of Christ to renounce their sins and save their souls from Hell.

  6. Suggestion – Think of a really ludicrous sexual scenario and write to the Pope saying that, because of your unusual sexual preference, you are marginalised, on the peripheries, excluded, unloved by your parish priest etc. and ask for an interview. Then go along to see Francis, announce that you are a faithful Catholic who has felt it necessary to use subterfuge to gain access and tell him what you (and millions of others) really think about him. Over to an Italian speaker….

  7. “At this point the news was clearly leaked, and the Vatican does not comment up to now. I take it this means at least that someone within the Vatican cares for his own soul and wants to expose Francis for the satanical tool he is.”

    Or could it be the opposite, that it was leaked by one of their own (meaning a pro-sodomite cleric or worker) expressly for the purpose to create further destruction, as is their agenda? I’m sure there is no doubt by now that Francis has no qualms with such a “leak” causing scandal. This psychopathic egomaniac lives for this kind of chaos. He needs his ‘fix’, don’t you know.

  8. Dear M….you are priceless! Your words are a balm to the bruised and battered faithful.

  9. I’m devastated! I have written many letters to him, and gave my ‘phone number. I have not yet heard back from him. I guess I can keep hoping for that letter or call….. 😦

  10. From what I understand the Pope called this person “a son of the Church”…affirming them in their delusion of wanting to be a man when they were really a woman. Lord have mercy on us all. God bless~

    • Oh, I did not know this kind of details.

      I start to think Francis’ ingress to hell will be announced with huge fanfare. Unless he repents. But will he?


  11. Some more facts about this scandal:
    1. The first call was made also the day of the Immaculate Conception, patroness of Spain. This is almost blasphemous .
    2. No one knows whether the transvestite is actually a hypogonadal man who was wrongly sexed in the Registry… and nobody cares: the important thing is to strengthen gender ideology. You have to see his/her face (whatever) to see that all of this smells fishy .
    3. The reception in Rome was a few days after the president of Extremadura (where the transvestite live), a Cameron-like “conservative”, announced that Social Security (public health service) covers “sex change” and hormonal treatments costs. But glasses and dentists remains uncovered…

    All of this seems to me an agit-prop maneuver and Pancho —I refuse to call him Francis, poor Francis of Assisi— is complicit. There is one more question: how Pancho became aware of this “couple”? I, who am spaniard , were not aware until published. It seems that Panchito is well aware of what are interested in.

  12. Ah, one more fact: the pompous Pancho ordered his/her diocese to pay travel expenses.

  13. Birds of a feather…. Hmmm, did I just say “birds”? Freudian slip methinks.

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