From Miles Christi: Francis The Destroyer, An Anthology Of The Bergoglian Magisterium



No; you are not cool...

No; you are not cool…


Via Call me Jorge, I republish this wonderful work from Miles Christi,

Francis The Destroyer, An Anthology Of The Bergoglian Magisterium

This beautiful work is not a collection of comments or articles, but it has countless quotes from the man himself, all with references and Internet links. The document goes on for twelve pages. How much work went into it I do not even want to think. It is updated to 2 December 2014; which means, in two words, pre-Rabbitgate time.

In order to properly understand TMAHICH and his mentality I quote another pearl from this man, also mentioned by Call me Jorge:

It is not to be believed that every even partial attempt at collecting the immense amount of rubbish disseminated by this man day in and day out should take such an amount of work. This man would provide Romano Amerio with enough material for another Iota Unum every three months.
Truly, those who still keep believing in any kind of innocence or naivete of this man have nowhere to hide.
And no: the heretical and perverted statements of the man are most certainly not Magisterium. But yes, they are most certainly what he thinks.

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  1. Question, Miles Christie the South American group of priests or a blogger who has taken the name of Miles Christie. I’m praying that it’s the Miles Christie priests,
    but suspect it’s just a blogger???

  2. Hello. He is neither a priest nor a blogger, but an argentine layman livinging in France who uses to publish articles in frenchspeaking or spanishspeaking blogs, under diferent pseudonyms…

    Mundabor published a few monhs ago this one to:

    Here is his latest in french (“La papauté discréditée”):

    God bless.

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