All Too Evident Insanity.

The new, uber-Nazi abortion legislation in New York, declaring an evident evil a sort of human right and allowing what was called “very late abortion” has sickened me and, I am sure, anyone with a shred of humanity left in them.

This rabid reaction to a growing anti-abortion movement will backfire. In fact, it will help many people to realise the darkness of the soul of any individual able to propose such measures.

Most people aren’t logical. Emotions drive the way they think, and vote. They are told “reproductive rights”, and they have in front of them the image of the crying girl, made pregnant by a selfish boy who is now drinking beer with his friends, whilst only abortion legislation saves the “poor girl” from a horrible, assured “death by hanger”. The poor unborn baby is not in the picture, because the poor simpletons can’t picture him. But show to the emotional, uninformed and irreligious masses the baby in his own physical aspect, clearly recognisable as a human (in the more and more advanced scanning techniques, or in the absurdity of an abortion basically during the preparation for birth) and things will slowly change; because even a generation unable to think is able to see.

The New York legislation, and the other initiatives now being proposed in Virginia and elsewhere, are no smart moves. They are the satanic reaction of people who feel encircled, as the cause of sanity advances not only in the demographics of the Country, but also in the appointment of judges and justices. It is not a wave. It is a tide rising slowly, but surely. In time, and by the grace of God, it will submerge them all. I pray that it will be in my lifetime, and I feel that the aim is so near now like it has not been in decades. Thank you, Lord, for President Donald John Trump.

I am not worried because Cardinal Dolan is the nincompoop we all know and despise. I was not expecting that the guy discovers Catholicism. I think that the enemy is now unwittingly helping our cause to prosper as the atrociousness of late term abortion is made evident to everyone and further exposed by the technology advancements.

The next push for sanity will come from this all too evident insanity.


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  1. When the chastisement cimrs, it is going to be horrible.

  2. Anthony Phillips

    It is horrific, certainly, but–why? Why is it any worse to kill a baby a moment before birth (or after) than several months earlier?
    The answer, of course: it isn’t. What’s horrific is that the pro-aborts can’t possibly pretend that a baby a minute or a week before birth is ‘just a clump of cells’, yet somehow they can countenance killing him.
    And what’s truly horrific about abortion is that it allows all of us to participate in something unspeakably evil. Few if any of us have had the opportunity to work as a concentration camp guard, or to burn our Hutu / Tutsi neighbours in their huts…but abortion is something that we can all be involved with. And it shows how even ordinary, “nice” people can commit truly evil actions.

  3. After this? Wymyn priests where there are no men gay or otherwise, willing to undergo the harsh initiation into the religious life. Help me…I am becoming Episcopalian.

  4. Excellent insight Mundabor. The devil has exposed himself for to see.

  5. It’s true what you said, that the dumb can’t think, but they can see. That’s why the abortion activists can’t show what’s dangling on the other end of their coat hanger prop: dismembered baby parts instead of a “clump of cells”.
    Sad to say, I’m ashamed of my home state of Virginia for electing this disgusting, POS governor, and the fiend who sponsored the bill. This legislative frenzy allowing abortions to proceed to infanticide is demonic. Soon President Trump, the most pro-life president ever, will appoint another Supreme Court justice who can hasten the end of Roe v. Wade. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if RBG has already passed but is being kept on ice, to buy time for the demon-rat leaders.

  6. Excellent post. I immediately thought this was a satanic temper tantrum in reaction to the recent Supreme Court picks, and the left’s demotion from their place in the sun during the Obamination years. They fear the rising voices of conscience — pro-lifers, especially younger people that they can’t get on board their train to hell. The monster Cuomo, looking more like a warlock every day, proves the point that it isn’t a little blood they want — they won’t be happy until everyone is made to celebrate abortion in the extreme as the inverted sacrament to Moloch that it is. I also think it will backfire and show what heartless sick ghouls these Nazis really are. If not, America has lost its soul.

  7. sixlittlerabbits

    Great post, Mundabor. I have been reading comments about Dolan and Cuomo and several have made the point that because the baby is human from conception on, abortion is always wrong. Dolan should resign, but I’m not holding my breath. I have been holding my money and not putting it in the collection plate because I have the unhappiness of living in the Archdiocese of NY. Parishioners need to give Dolan the cold shoulder: skip his Masses and appearances, no dollars for him. He’s received “wheelbarrows” full of letters calling for Cuomo’s excommunication and is ignoring them.
    I believe that Cuomo has excommunicated himself by his actions, just as it was revealed in 1962 by a Vatican official that Fidel had excommunicated himself through his actions persecuting and killing Catholic clergy. This excommunication is known as latae sententiae. Now the Church should make it known.

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