Hidin’ Bumbling Joe, Before He Sniffs His Niece

I remember 2008, when a wannabe Republican candidate left the campaign trail with the excuse of having to save the Country, or something. He was, as you might remember, desperate, so he thought that a bit of virtue-signalling would be better than having to notice every day that Republicans really didn’t like him.

In 2020, it is happening again. However, this time there is no real explanation, because Democrats never think they need to explain anything to the proles down there on Planet Earth.

I will therefore, gratis et amore Dei, attempt my bit of analysis as to the reason of this quite remarkable campaign behaviour.

Biden is in a fairly advanced state of dementia.

Biden is largely gone. He can be trained for a debate only if he is taken out of circulation for 3 or 4 days at a time, and made to sleep during the day until the debate time is morning for him. No doubt, he needs to be given massive doses of medicaments, and it is likely he will look like a zombie when he gets out of them. Therefore, you have a 2-3 days pre-event and a 2-3 days post-event where the man is out of combat. He can’t muster the final stretch of the campaign, which would make him look frail. Better take him out altogether.

Republicans have totally highjacked Democrat events.

Trump supporters are cleaning up. Independently of the Trump campaign, they use social media to gather in short-notice, joyous, spontaneous demonstrations of love for Mr Trump. Countless people on social media record them and spread the news. It is unstoppable, because it happens everywhere. It is not centralised, it’s just unavoidable. Lately, this short-notice mobilisation potential has been used to crash the party of the Democrats, with Trump supporters appearing at Democrats events in much bigger numbers than the (few, embarrassed, and probably required) Democrat presence. This is going to look so bad, it’s better to avoid it completely.

Biden has a foot permanently in his mouth

Biden is proving, even in his most lucid moments, more incompetent than ever. The “Chumps” gaffe, another outburst that has been showed around intensely, must have persuaded his handlers that the man is a walking grenade. The “Chumps” stuff, by the way, came only hours after Biden had shot his election hopes again, during the Last Debate, with a double-barrelled shotgun loaded with fracking and fossil fuels. I think people in Pennsylvania were noticing. It appears that many of them want to change their vote, too.

The laptop from hell did not go away

Biden thought, surely, that the censorship of his dealing with his son and his activities in the Ukraine, in China, and likely somewhere else (Romania is also in play) would make the problem go away fast. It didn’t, but it alienated more people from the MSM censorship. As an aside, the video circulating of his “good guy” son Hunter, which cannot be published in a Catholic blog, actually tells the tale about the family itself, and the easy way Biden can be manipulated and blackmailed. More videos coming, I am told. It is, at this point, inconceivable that Biden can keep being on the campaign trail and just ignore the issue. Keep the old guy in his basement and make him take part to some lame party events instead, just to show he is still alive.


It is difficult to deal with a candidate that does less damage when he is in hiding than when he is going around. I must give credit to Biden’s team that they have recognised this early in the campaign, and have tried to hide their candidate as much as they could with the excuse of the pandemic. Their decision to take Joe out until the election is all but an admission of defeat, and there is no lipstick that can save this particular pig.

But then again, it seems that the entire Biden family has a certain affinity with pigs.

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  1. Mercedes Pernice

    As a globalist, by its very definition, Biden seeks to export manufacturing jobs, in the tradition of the last several U.S. presidents, with the exception of DJT. With his public revelation at the last debate that he plans to phase out fossil-fuel energy, in other words, the oil industry, Biden seeks to destroy one of the largest domestic job industries.

    What constituency are the Democrats appealing to this election cycle, propagandized graduates of our nation’s GIC’s (government indoctrination centers – public schools), living attendees of Woodstock, or their historical base — at opposite ends of the spectrum — limousine liberals and the welfare class? Biden’s admission was a monumental gaffe because it distances him from the other group which has historically been the base of the Democratic party: the American worker.

    Biden’s fossil-fuel comment at the debate is the biggest disaster of the election cycle.

  2. I found an internet channel that streams news stations, so I tuned in. Joe Biden gave a speech in Warm Springs, Georgia. One of your predictions was precise: his entire talk centered around the virus, that president Trump has failed horribly in his handling of the virus. On the other hand, Joe says he will ‘beat the pandemic’, and questions why the president would say that he can’t conquer the pandemic.
    Surprisingly, he was fairly clear, although coughing occasionally. He insisted that he would unite the country, fix healthcare, and provide a lot of high paying jobs. He did not enunciate how he would do these things. I am guessing the MSM will praise his talk, but it wasn’t very enthusiastic or convincing.

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