Usque Quo, Domine? Unspeakable Sacrilege In Manila






Follow the link to Chris Gillibrand’s blog and try not to cry, if you can. This is no stuff for the Catholic faint-hearted.

This is at the same on par and even worse (I mean, it is in the same ballpark, with more stupidity added) than the mass sacrilege in Rio.

This is, basically, a hand-to-hand “distribution” of wafers, or M&Ms, or Ritz biscuits.

Only, it is Our Lord.

How the Catholic world can witness such abominations without calling for an end of these extremely stupid mega-masses is beyond me. I mean, we know we have a stupid/evil/both Pope, but what the heck are all these people thinking? Is it really so bad, has mainstream  Catholicism come to such a level of decay, that such events can not only be planned, but executed in front of cameras without a cry of sufferance and dismay raising to the sky?

Luther himself would be horrified at such a spectacle. Luther himself!

Once again, it seems to me that the Lord is sending a clear message: He is giving us ample way to understand how these people are perverting Catholicism. He is not giving us any way to hide behind one’s finger. It is too obvious, too blatant, too shameless for everyone thinking he can ignore what is happening.

The Pollyannas are accomplices of this man and of all the heresies, blasphemies and desecrations of this Papacy. They are the first enablers of this mess. With their sycophancy to Francis, now degenerated to mere Papolatry, they invent ever new excuses to tolerate the intolerable, and pretend not to see the open climate of heresy and devastation of everything Catholic because hey, Francis has said three words that sounded Catholic.

Heresy, blasphemy, and sacrilege are the true marks of this disgraceful Pontificate.

The man who started his Pontificate washing the feet of women and infidels has kept true to the promises implied in such gestures. He has, in fact, exceeded every expectation of revolutionary and subversive behaviour, even the worst ones.

Usque quo, Domine?






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  1. I don’t want to ask your closing question, Mundabor. Because I am afraid of what the answer will be.

  2. indignusfamulus

    Dear M,
    Maybe what we need is more spontaneous reactions like the one from this priest in Spain in 2010 (CNA) :
    “..a group of young people-participating in an annual festival came to noon Mass. One of them took the host out of his mouth during Communion and threw it on the floor. Witnesses informed the priest (Fr. Victor Jimeno) who was celebrating the Mass. After retrieving the host, Father approached the young man, asking if the boy had thrown the host on the ground. The boy just looked back at him “and smiled.
    — Father Jimeno then slapped him, and threw him out of church, calling him sacrilegious.”
    [We hope he didn’t end up on a forced leave with anger-management classes, but that’s probably naive of us]

    –Retired Texas Bishop, Rene Gracida of Corpus Christi, reacting to Ted Kennedy’s Funeral said of sacrilege against the Eucharist: ” many people are ignorant… many others have no intention of stopping it, or of confessing it. This is why we should make reparation
    “to repair for the damage” of these sacrilegious Communions.”
    –““Reparation” means to “make up” for this infirmity just like strong right arms make up for infirm and withered left arms– by becoming stronger and doing the work of two. We must make up for the infirm, withered left arm of the Church..
    –suggestions: First Wednesday devotion to St. Joseph; first Friday and First Saturday Devotions; prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, The Rosary, with the Fatima prayer Oh My Jesus, forgive us our sins… and personal sacrifices
    When time is short– it can be as simple as taking a moment to say something from the heart
    “Dear Lord, I’m sorry You are so often treated this way.”

  3. Hate to say it but mainstream Catholicism has become that bad and likely worse. But I think that the nest of vipers in the Vatican are just giving the people what they want and have been practicing ever since the debacle called VII. Except for a minority of Bishops that still have The Faith, if not courage, the rest are letting the inmates take over the New Church asylum. After all don’t we need to catch up to the Anglicans before the great Whore can be hatched ? Cardinal against Cardinal…fire falling from the sky… Remnant Church… small but True and full of the Holy Ghost. No.. the gates of Hell will shrink back in terror…Praise be to God.

  4. Louie V has a good article on this too Mundy. I could only stomach watching a few seconds of the video. It reminded me of a person being passed around above a mosh pit…or a hotdog being passed to it’s owner at a sports game. No surprise since the NO Catholics treat our Lord like a potato chip every Sunday.

    I never got how the N.O. could on one hand treat our Lord like a snack and then turn around and take great pains to reverence Him during a benediction service. As a child, that never added up. I always thought “what’s the big deal? You treat the host so casually the entire time at mass.” Now I know how messed up their behavior was.

    God love you for speaking the truth and rallying the troops:+) God bless~

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